Hi, from the roof top in Turkey again, the pictures were taken on one of out last nights in paradise. In summer and warmer climate, it’s easy to just wear dresses all the time so we  (read me) tend to forget about all the amazing summer trousers out there. Especially if you have a kick-ass top … Continue Reading

I still feel after a few weeks back in the city that my mind can’t really pick up on the city paste that I normally was used to. Imagine how much holiday actually does for you? I’m always quite effective but many times during the day I find myself daydreaming away which is not at all like … Continue Reading

When Next asked me to pick out an outfit for my summer holiday, it didn’t take me long to make a choice. The yellow dress pops out like no other color during summer and the fact that it is open on the back makes it perfect for an evening out or dinner. Those photos were … Continue Reading

Me and Joanna (founder of J.WLRY Sthlm) meet a couple of years ago in Paris, both Swedes in a big city where anything was possible but also where there were many bumps on the road. One thing we always shared even in hard times was our love for fashion and design, so it makes me proud as a friend to see her creating something really beautiful that … Continue Reading