A lot of people I meet keep telling me, Oh my style is boring I only dress in black. I refuse this, black doesn’t have to be boring. I think I learned this from my previous jobs in Paris where I had to wear black every day in my job. Let me tell you the key … Continue Reading

Ruffles and stripes, all in one shirt. Win! I love slides and bows, so I can definitely see myself walking around in these ones this spring  A blouse with a hidden message in the back. LOVE IT. Pink slingbacks with ruffles, in real suede. Will look great with a pair of denim.. Great jacket for spring, … Continue Reading

When you don’t know what to wear, my best tip is simply to go back to basic. If you have that basic wardrobe, that I constantly keep referring to, you always have something to wear. In this case, a pair of skinny jeans, a classic blazer and a nice t-shirt does the job. And it looks pretty good … Continue Reading

I’m gonna be honest, of course I would love to get the real deal as in the ball earrings from Celine, BUT when H&M does a replica for only 7 pounds and you are on a tight budget there is not much to do or say. You just buy them. These are the perfect earrings that you … Continue Reading