ballerinaI always have this idea that when I go on holiday to Sweden I will have loads of time to blog. It hardly ¬†happens and it didn’t this time either I always get caught up in the family bubble (a very nice bubble) where I tend to stay until going home. I am back in London now so back in blogging business!

Anyway let’s talk gold cause let’s face it, gold is magic. Golden shoes is even more amazing, so when Celine released their golden ballerinas I was kind of taken away (see pic above). But as magic as they may be, I am a person who walk my ballerinas to pieces within a month, so not worth the price. You may have heard me talk about the British brand Office before, and it’s really just because in my point of view they make good quality shoes for those who can’t always afford the real deal. Now to the even better news, the rose gold ¬†ballerinas on top is on sale, yes they can be yours (or mine) for only 28 pounds.

Get them HERE.


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