moodsummeroutfitThe warmer it get the lighter colors I want to wear, or let me put it this way;  black ( that I always wear) suddenly seams a bit boring. When it comes to summer pieces, I really don’t mind buying them from high street brands, only because I play around more with my style in summer and I’m not always sure I will wear them next summer. Ever since arriving  to London, I have a new crush on Topshop, I think the selection is just so much better here then in other countries (which makes sense since it is a British brand). I imagine wearing this outfit on a late summer night (hence the knit) a little bit  dressed up but not much, a look that shows that you are not trying to hard!

Everything from Topshop /

get the trousers HERE, get the sandals HERE, get the knit HERE, get the earrings HERE

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