This new Year’s Eve/weekend will go to history in many ways, it was so perfect and it’s really how I imagine a New Years Eve to be. First of all, it wasn’t spend in London (No offense London but I really do prefer an intimate NYE spend in a small town like we did this time).

We celebrated in the lovely little town in Dorset county called Bridport, where we rented an Air BnB with friends and spend NYE in an other friends restaurant opened up just for an intimate dinner among friends. It was the perfect evening who could just as well been taken out of a movie. At midnight we went to the local square to watch the whole town dressed out (not up, but out!?) in the craziest costumes. A local tradition I’ve been told. After that, we did a quick pitch stop at a bar to dance to the weirdest and loudest music with an interesting mix of people, to say the least, and then back to the restaurant continue the feast. One thing I found so charming with small towns is the fact that everything is in walking distance, it took no more than a few minutes to walk in between the places and I love that. Well this was the actual NYE but since we did spend two nights there you can imagine how many other things we manage to fit in, it really prolonged the New Years celebration to an entire weekend!

When it comes to the outfit I decided to go for something glamours and dressed down in the same way. It’s always a safe card when you go to a gathering where you don’t know how other people will dress. I ended up wearing skinny jeans layered with a slipdress to have the best of two worlds. My glittery socks, sparkling earrings and red lips really added that extra glam to the look!

Thank you everyone involved in this New Year’s (and Ulgen for snapping those photos!) It was the best!

Happy new years to you all!


Slipdress/ AndOtherStories

Denim/ Zara

Socks/ Topshop (KLICK)

Stilettos/ Office

Earrings/ H&M

Lipstick/ Next (KLICK)


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