I’m not the biggest fan of new years resolution as I believe you can make goals and changes in your life any time of the year and don’t have to be restricted to a specific date. Nevertheless, it’s hard to not think about the changes you might want to do and goals you would like to achieve since most people around you either have a new years resolution or ask you if you have one.

I thought about it and I might have a few changes I want to make, here we go!


1. Read more books. For me, I just need to get in the habit again, it’s as simple as that. On a one week holiday I can read up to four books (of course you have way more time on your hand) but in my daily life I seem to have a hard time fitting reading in. This will change, less series on Netflix and more reading in the evenings, starting with this amazing book I got on the pic above.


2. Eat healthier. I do eat quite healthy already but I have what people call a sweet tooth (thank you mom for giving me that DNA, hehe). When the afternoon tiredness hit, or after a big lunch I feel this need for something sugary. Preferably something with chocolate. As sugar is like a drug it’s hard to quit the habit straight away so my master plan is to for now only eat dark chocolate covered nuts (see pic above) as a snack, and then hopefully just the nut. And yeah I bought a cooking book as well to get inspired.

Book/ The Coveteur (KLICK)

Pyjama blouse/ Ganni

Denim/ Levis Re-Done

Book/ Honestly Healthy (KLICK)

Chocolate coated nuts/ Holland and Barret (KLICK)

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