Red suede slingbacks shoes from Next, red stirup leggings from Adidas bought at Topshop. Red is my favorite color.

When I was seventeen I painted my childhood room in my parent's house red. It wasn't one of those dark red colors but a proper bright red and I absolutely loved it.

It might not be my favorite color today ( to be honest I don't favor any color ) but I still love how a red color pops especially in an outfit or in deco. So what does this love for the color mean?

" Psychologists have long been fascinated by red's influence on the human psyche. As the color of blood, red is also strongly associated with power. The Inca deity Mama Huaco was said to have emerged from the Cave of Origin wearing a red dress. As well as power, red has baser associations with lust and aggression. The devil is traditionally depicted in red.  The association of red and sex in the West dates back at least until Middle Ages."

The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair (klick)


Leggings /Adidas

Heels /Next


Gabriella xx