lizzy3First of all, how beautiful is mother nature right now? The other day I had a stroll in our garden just to capture all those yellow and orange colors in the trees and on the ground. Is there anything nicer when the weather still allows you to have bare legs and something warm on top (When the sun is out of course)? I just love the combo big knits and bare legs.

My awesome denim skirt comes from my designer friend Lizzy Shade, it gives you the illusion of two layers of denim where the top one opens up, but it's actually only one skirt. Very cleverly designed and the perfect everyday skirt with a twist (We all love that! ).  To find out more what she is up to follow her Instagram HERE.

Denim skirt/ Lizze Shade

Knit/ COS

Shoes/ Next (klick)

Bandana/ Vintage