New eye candy


New sunglasses from Sun Buddies here and old trench from Helmut Lang. Kinda great combo if you ask me. That's all for now.

Bye xx


Best of Sale

I always try to really think through my sales purchases as it often can go out of hand when you focus more on the price rather than the product. Here are my favorite picks at the moment, pieces that I would wear next season too without any doubt.

Dress TOTEME here / Shirt ARKET here / Bag REJINA PYO here / Sunglasses SUNBUDDIES here



Favorite underwear

A few weeks ago I bought the most comfortable bra I ever own, signed Calvin Klein from the amazing shop The Pantry Underwear.

Bra /Calvin Klein from The Pantry Underwear , Blazer / J. Lindeberg , Skirt / Crea Concept


A denim kinda girl

I really am a denim kinda girl, my favorites at the moment are these ACNE STUDIOS ones seen on the picture above. The model is called Melk and I love the shape that is high waisted, tapered and cropped. 

There is more like that on the market...

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Rejina Pyo Fall 19

Ok so let's talk about Rejina Pyo and how perfect this suiting is...

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Spring has sprung

Spring has officially arrived in London and I'm longing for a few updates in my wardrobe.

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Saved from Insta lately

One of my favorite features on Instagram is the Save folder. Instagram is for me such a source of inspiration and to be able to save the picture you come across into your own kind of mood board is so great.

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Some kind of New Years resolution

I love writing and always loved to express my self in words, but somehow I lost it and overthought about everything I was writing here and in the end, it just wasn’t my voice anymore. I think it’s easy to try to make things so perfect that instead, they lose all their sense or realness in a way.

Well, this is me taking back my voice, sharing from now on maybe less perfect pictures, text with grammar faults and spelling mistake but 100% me.

This is me in an outfit on New Year’s Eve, my ultimate uniform, a look that I feel so comfortable and so “Me” in, oversized blazer, denim and a tee.

Happy new year!


Blazer Ganni // Tee COS // Denim Levis ReDone



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Vestiaire Collective

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So if you read my previous post I’m now determined to clean out and live with fewer clothes among other things.

I recently really started to think about who I am and really what my style is? I started to notice what items I constantly go back to and why some pieces, even though I love them, I never seem to carry.

For me a person who lives for fashion, I just love having beautiful things in my wardrobe, but I have also become a quite classic and minimal person so for some reason those colorful and maybe crazier pieces doesn’t really work with me anymore. And they now seem to be more of a burden as I feel bad getting rid of them but don’t like them so much anymore. First world problems I know.

Anyway, as I write this I realize there is only one thing to do, kill your darlings aka sell clothes you don’t wear anymore. So this is my goal for 2019, fewer clothes but only ending up with a wardrobe of good quality pieces that I truly love. To find those perfect pieces I’m gonna turn to my friend Vestiaire Collective, had a browse the other day and wow, you really can save money and get some good stuff there. If money was no issue I would click home those pieces above in a heartbeat!

Toteme T-shirt // Cartier Watch // Céline Vintage Bracelet


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New me – A beauty routine

It's not New Years yet, but I already started my new challenge or let's call it; promise to myself. Lately, I fell in love with beauty again. For the last week, I listen to at least one episode per day of The Beuty Routine podcast with Emma Unckel and Frida Fahrman ( in Swedish though so sorry to all non-Swedish speaking readers) and I love their funny and relaxed approach to beauty. I also listened to some old interviews from Style by Beauty podcast where they interviewed stylist Columbine Smille and designer Elin Kling and after this, I realized I need to get my beauty routine together.

Elin Kling describes it that if she has her beauty routine together and doesn't have to make choices in the morning this simplifies her life since she already has other things to focus about, she describes the same thing with her wardrobe how fewer choices are good for her. Columbine, on the other hand, means that since she constantly in her line of work have to dress other people and create she prefers to both keeping it simple when it comes to dressing and in her beauty routine.

I can so relate to this, and I am to be honest tired of having too many beauty products and clothes. So new me. My new mission is to find my "hero products", you know the ones you keep going back to and that never disappoints. So this is my new little beauty tryout/finding my heroes thread.

First out it THE lip balm, and trust me I've tried them all, but this one will not leave my side. I blame (or should I say thank?) this new obsession on my friend Kamilla, after seeing it on her and tried it myself since she so nicely managed to get me a sample. Now I'm hooked and By Terry Baume The Rose will probably forever be on lips. It's hard to explain how good it is you simply have to take my word for it! Get it HERE



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