I always had a thing for interior deco, it’s definitely my second love after fashion. Recently deco has been taking over my mind, has it to do with the fact that it’s winter time maybe and all you want to do is to stay home? I don’t know the reason but this is what I dreaming  of right now. I thought I give you my three tips for a nicely decorated living room. Here we go!

Brass palm lamp


First of all brass in one of my favorite metals today when it comes to deco, and palm trees are, well simply just amazing. So the combination of a brass and palm tree that is turned into to a lamp can’t really go wrong. It’s useful (There can never be enough lights) and so beautiful at the same time. Better than a piece of art I would say.

Colorful sofas


Sure a classic gray, navy or white colored sofa is nice indeed, but lately, I explored the beauty of having colorful sofa in the house. Suddenly the sofa isn’t just a part of your decoration but instead the center of attention. Considering how big place they normally take it’s only natural that they shine no? Go colorful in your sofa I would say.

Bookshelf wall


I love books and naturally, I love bookshelves. To have a bookshelf big enough to cover an entire wall with room enough to not just put books there but art, plants, ornaments and photos is just one of my life goals really. So inspirational to look at that every day.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest, please follow me there for more inspiration HERE


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