So there are a few beauty things that I constantly keep in my bag in order to survive the day. My hand cream from Molton Brown, who not only smells delicious but keeps my hand fresh and silky smooth. Lip moisturizer from Elisabeth Arden Eight hour (or Carmex), cause I just always feel like having something on my lips and this one make them a little bit shiny as well. And last but not least my newest thing, Viamine E face mist from The Body Shop. It might sound weird to carry around a face mist in your bag, but for those people who lived in big citys like London, would know how quickly you feel dirty and unfresh. For me it is especially my face and after 30 min on the run on dusty trafficked street and crowded tubes you kind of need a shower. Well the answer my friends is face mist, a little dash of that in your face and you feel ready and fresh again!

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