So I just got back from a week long holiday in Sweden. It was perfect in so many ways, first I celebrated love at a friends wedding and later I hung out with my family for days. So much love in one week.

Yet, I can't stop thinking about this summer's upcoming holiday plans. But my thoughts goes a bit longer than just laying on the beach or what even one might be doing on vacation. I'm thinking of my holidays in colors, outfit, and photos. It might sound a bit crazy and I can't really explain it neither, I guess I'm a very visual person who just happened to imagine things in beautiful pictures. Right now I'm drawn to the mood, colors and looks on the picture above, exactly how I image my holiday look.

My second holiday will be in south of Turkey to hang out with my boyfriend and his family and the third one in the south of France with my parents, a place that I can almost call my second home. I'm actually so lucky to be able to travel and have so many places to call home in Europe.