poolsideSo I am back home in London and yesterday I had my first work-day after holiday. I still suffer from major holiday blues, you know when you are back home but in your mind you are still on the beach? Or at least wishes you were. It always happens to me, I guess I really like changing environment  as it changes you and your mindset in a way, plus it inspires me to see things in a different light and I love (and need) that.

I remember one time I came back to Sweden (where I lived at the time) from a holiday in Istanbul and I told my college and friend at the moment that I was really depressed about beeing back, he could tell aswell as we were (still is) really good friends, then he looked at me and said;

I'm never going on holiday if this is the result! 

I guess we all digest things in a different way. Well I think despite the blues I'm feeling right now it was still worth it, and I'm a true believer of changing patterns. Now work!