My favorite drink is water (ok coffee too) and I drink a lot of it. Because of my consumption of water I also tend to buy quite a lot of plastic water bottles when I'm on the go in the city, it does make me feel bad in many ways. First of all, we have perfectly good tap water in this country so it's just bad to mother nature using and consuming all those plastic bottles and second, it's a silly thing to spend your money on if you ask me.

But there is an end to this, I got the nicest water bottle now! Glacial is a Swedish company with a mission to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles (yay) and they make really nice and fashionable bottles. My one imitates one of my favorite materials, wood. From now on I carry this bottle with good conscience, and looking pretty stylish too!

















Get your own Glazial bottle HERE and put the code GLACIAL_p20 to get a 20 % discount, but hurry only valid until 31 0ct 2017

Denim from Rodebjer