Espadrilles is defintly one of my favorite summer shoes, comfortable  and not to warm since they are made out of canvas. I bought my ones from the french department store Le Bon Marché a few years ago, I remember it so well because I searched desperately after a plain black one after seing a french women looking fabulous in the Chanel espadrilles (the black  ones with the white top). Anyway I couldn't afford the real deal, but I'm just as happy to have ended  up with these ones.

Short history about espadrilles; The first one were made 4000 years ago in Pyrennean Cataloina where they orginad from. Wedge shaped espadrilles were first popularized by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. At a trade fair in Paris in 1970, he came into contact with the Spanish espadrille manufacturer Castañer. Yves Saint Laurent had been looking in vain for months for someone to make him a wedge espadrille. Castañer managed to interpret Yves Saint Laurent's vision and the wedge espadrilles were an instant hit, influencing fashion even today. (Wikipedia)

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