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A lot of people I meet keep telling me, Oh my style is boring I only dress in black. I refuse this, black doesn't have to be boring. I think I learned this from my previous jobs in Paris where I had to wear black every day in my job. Let me tell you the key in how to dress well in black.

1. Mix materials, for example silk with jersey. You want to make it look like you actually are dressed in two colors with just using different kinds of material. Silk tends to shine and jersey is mat so it will look differently.

2. Play around with shapes and how you style it. As you can see on the picture above I tucked in one side of the blouse and let the other one hang loose, just to make it more casual and more intresting.

3. Accessories. I love to go a bit crazy with my jewelry if I wear all black, above I went for big gold earrings but for example a red bandana tied around your neck would do the job as well! Just be creative!

Let me know your tip in how to dress in all black!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Denim/ Acne Studios (KLICK)

Blouse/ Acne Studios (KLICK)

Earrings/ Zara

Sneakers/ Vans (KLICK)