janebirkinstyleIn less then ten days I'm once again heading over to South of France for the second time this year (lucky me) for a week long much needed holiday. This time you will find me on the beach with a book in my hand, all week long, this is a promise. I will make one detour to the local market, where they stock everything from food to clothes and things you didn't even know you needed in your life. This time I'm on a mission to find the three objects shown my mood-board above. A straw hat, a straw bag and a pair of new sandals, preferably  the K Jaques ones from Saint Tropez. Love them. I need to get my Jane Birkin style going.

Soon, counting down.

Straw Hat/Rag & Bone HERE, Sandals/ K Jaques HERE, Straw Bag/ Sensi Studio HERE