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Vestiaire Collective

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So if you read my previous post I’m now determined to clean out and live with fewer clothes among other things.

I recently really started to think about who I am and really what my style is? I started to notice what items I constantly go back to and why some pieces, even though I love them, I never seem to carry.

For me a person who lives for fashion, I just love having beautiful things in my wardrobe, but I have also become a quite classic and minimal person so for some reason those colorful and maybe crazier pieces doesn’t really work with me anymore. And they now seem to be more of a burden as I feel bad getting rid of them but don’t like them so much anymore. First world problems I know.

Anyway, as I write this I realize there is only one thing to do, kill your darlings aka sell clothes you don’t wear anymore. So this is my goal for 2019, fewer clothes but only ending up with a wardrobe of good quality pieces that I truly love. To find those perfect pieces I’m gonna turn to my friend Vestiaire Collective, had a browse the other day and wow, you really can save money and get some good stuff there. If money was no issue I would click home those pieces above in a heartbeat!

Toteme T-shirt // Cartier Watch // Céline Vintage Bracelet


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Deco desires

Littery all I want to do is to cuddle up at home with a lit candle and a book. I wouldn't mind doing it in this dreamy armchair on sale right now from Cult Furniture HERE, with the amazing coffee table from West Elm HERE. The book is already in my possessions but I love it so much so its worth mention again and you can order it HERE, and my long time wanted candle holder from Skandium HERE, the best thing about this is that you buy each 3-piece candle holder separately and build them as you want depending on how many you have. Genius!


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Can we talk about Black Friday and consumerism?

A few days ago my mailbox was spammed with Black Friday promotions and the city advertised it everywhere. I think it's human nature to see a reduction and go for it, just because it's so cheap, trust me I have been down that road before. But the honest truth is that it doesn't matter if it cost you 1 pound or 100 if you don't love it ( and I mean really love it) you are not gonna get a good CPW (cost per wear) out of it. We need to re-think how we consume, big time, gone are the days when we can buy something cheap wear it once and throw away. We need to treat clothes like the older generation did, repair, learn how to take care and buy something you will love 10 years down the line ( and if not, buy something worth re-selling). My dad would polish and take care of his boots, repair his socks and use his old t-shirt as cleaning cloth, maybe not so fashionable but eco-friendly and economical indeed.

I'm not against black Friday or any kind of promotion, as long as you buy something you really love and not get blinded by the orange signs or what the price was before. Shop, but don't lose your mind!

On the picture above you find one of my best bargains ever, a pair of Manolo Blahnik mules, for the price point of a pair of "normal shoes", and I know I will wear and keep them forever and ever.



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Just wanted to let you all know, that I'm still very much here. Just a bit busy right now working on my new collection for my jewelry brand and I can't wait to show it all, here is a sneak peek. It's really time-consuming creating something, you go through mistakes, ideas that don't work at as well in reality and pieces that seem easy to make just takes hours more than expected, but that is also the beauty of it all I suppose? Well, I'm almost there so stay tuned!

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Get the look – Giorgia Tordini

getthelookHeel HERE Blouse HERE Jeans HERE

Giorgia Tordini is not only a creative director and co-founder of the brand The Attico but she also have an amazing style (check out her Instagram). I really like how she styles the look above, the color combo with the washed out denim and the rusty colored blouse combined with a pair of snake print heels, wow! If only I looked like that today.

Wishing you all a great Saturday!


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Espadrilles is defintly one of my favorite summer shoes, comfortable  and not to warm since they are made out of canvas. I bought my ones from the french department store Le Bon Marché a few years ago, I remember it so well because I searched desperately after a plain black one after seing a french women looking fabulous in the Chanel espadrilles (the black  ones with the white top). Anyway I couldn't afford the real deal, but I'm just as happy to have ended  up with these ones.

Short history about espadrilles; The first one were made 4000 years ago in Pyrennean Cataloina where they orginad from. Wedge shaped espadrilles were first popularized by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. At a trade fair in Paris in 1970, he came into contact with the Spanish espadrille manufacturer Castañer. Yves Saint Laurent had been looking in vain for months for someone to make him a wedge espadrille. Castañer managed to interpret Yves Saint Laurent's vision and the wedge espadrilles were an instant hit, influencing fashion even today. (Wikipedia)

Espadrilles/ Castañer, Denim/ Cheap Monday

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sleep tight


I am very sensitive to sleep, I am a person who need a proper sleep in order to work and survive the next day. To not take any risk I have my tricks and helps. The first one is good night tea that just make you get in to the relaxing mood and the second one is deep sleep pillow spray. Its a spray that contains mostly lavender that makes you stress down and relax. You simply spray it on your pillow and voila, the aromas helps you fall a sleep and it's suppost to make you sleep deep aswell. I think it works!

deep sleep pillow spray/ this works