Tax free and french Vogue

taxfreevogueHello from the Swedish west coast! I am away on holiday to visit my beloved family, a well needed break.

When I travel I always make sure I have some time at the airport before boarding, time to have a coffee and of course time for tax-free! It is just the best feeling doing some beauty shopping before your holiday. This time were no exception and three product ended up in my shopping bag.

Clarins instant light lip comfort oil. Just because I read it about it HERE, and I’m slightly obsessed with new lip products. Love this one and it smells like raspberry’s as well.

Clarins sun wrinkle control cream for face. Although the sun is absent I here right now, (please let there be sun) It is still important to protect your face from sun spots and wrinkles and Clarins Paris products has never disappointed me.

Clinique liquid facial soap mild. Forgot my face soap in London so thought I would try this one. Very happy about that, my skin feels so clean and soft after washing it now.

And behind my favorite cover of French Vouge (July 2010) with Miss Moss. The colors, her red lips, the sea and the earrings. Just perfect.



once a country girl, always a country girl

fieldI may live in Europe’s  biggest city with a population of 10 million but my heart still beats for fields and nature (well at least for a little time, I do need the city pulse as well). I read somewhere that there are more than 300 languages spoken in London, more than any other city on the planet. Quite impressive.

The other day we went to Wetland Centre to breath some fresh air and to do some serious bird watching, very realxing as you can see on the picture. How funny is it that my hair have the same color as the grass, I am one with nature I guess.

Happy Monday!


pink wall, green plant

greenplantpinkwallWhat is it that look so appealing both color wise and design wise with a green plant against a pink wall? Someone who has the same obsession is the owner of the Instagram account PlantsOnPink who has an entire account based on photos with that theme. Check it out HERE, and get inspired.

Above you see my photo I snapped in South of France, where you find a lot of pink walls, and green plants for that matter as well!


adidas adilette

adidasadiletteBleu, blanc, rouge or blue, white, red for those who doesn’t understand french. Funny enough I managed without any intensions (I promise!) to have this color combo whiles in France. The three colors is the colors of their flag, but for me it’s more then that. In fashion I think all of us refer to french fashion and style when the three colors come up together.

I basically lived in my adidas adilette in France, classic yes, but oh so good!

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