Beach and holiday essentials for the summer


I’m really feeling summer vibes today, all of you who follows me on Instagram knows I’m currently in Sweden, and let me tell you it’s 20 degrees and sun! So naturally, I’m holiday daydreaming, especially when it comes to styling and dressing.

I’m always drawn to patterns and natural materials in summer, as most people I guess. I literally can’t wait to put my feets on a beach with sand beneath my toes, but while doing that I would love to look stylish as well. Above you can find my wishlist for my summer adventures. Summer come quickly!



New Year’s Eve 2016 – Glamorous and Casual in Bridport






This new Year’s Eve/weekend will go to history in many ways, it was so perfect and it’s really how I imagine a New Years Eve to be. First of all, it wasn’t spend in London (No offense London but I really do prefer an intimate NYE spend in a small town like we did this time).

We celebrated in the lovely little town in Dorset county called Bridport, where we rented an Air BnB with friends and spend NYE in an other friends restaurant opened up just for an intimate dinner among friends. It was the perfect evening who could just as well been taken out of a movie. At midnight we went to the local square to watch the whole town dressed out (not up, but out!?) in the craziest costumes. A local tradition I’ve been told. After that, we did a quick pitch stop at a bar to dance to the weirdest and loudest music with an interesting mix of people, to say the least, and then back to the restaurant continue the feast. One thing I found so charming with small towns is the fact that everything is in walking distance, it took no more than a few minutes to walk in between the places and I love that. Well this was the actual NYE but since we did spend two nights there you can imagine how many other things we manage to fit in, it really prolonged the New Years celebration to an entire weekend!

When it comes to the outfit I decided to go for something glamours and dressed down in the same way. It’s always a safe card when you go to a gathering where you don’t know how other people will dress. I ended up wearing skinny jeans layered with a slipdress to have the best of two worlds. My glittery socks, sparkling earrings and red lips really added that extra glam to the look!

Thank you everyone involved in this New Year’s (and Ulgen for snapping those photos!) It was the best!

Happy new years to you all!


Slipdress/ AndOtherStories

Denim/ Zara

Socks/ Topshop (KLICK)

Stilettos/ Office

Earrings/ H&M

Lipstick/ Next (KLICK)


The art of packing light – Part one


T-shirt in different colors and shape can change any trouser into different looks


Gold earring takes no place in the luggage but makes a big difference when styling your outfit

I’m not in any way calling myself a master of packing, there is way more people who master that art better than me, but practice makes perfect. I have traveled with only hand luggage at least 4 times a year for the past 4 years, so I think I still have a few things I can add to this subject.

Right now I’m about to board the plane for a Christmas holiday in Sweden with my family, but before I thought I would share two of my tips for packing light.

1. Bring a lot of tops. A T-shirt or a top can change the look of one pair of trousers, depending on the color, the fit, the print etc. The good thing with t-shirt is that they take next to no space in the luggage, so you can do the math. Different T-shirt equals many looks.

2. Earrings. A pair of gold earrings can make the simplest outfit look expensive and chic. The same thing here, they take hardly any place in the luggage but make a big different when creating an outfit.

Now time for boarding, see you in Sweden!


T-shirt left/ H&M

T-shirt middle/ Herculie from Liberty London

T-shirt right/ Ganni

Hoop earrings/ Isabel Marant

Ball earrings/ Urban Outfitters

Book/ The book of Palms (KLICK)



My ultimate Airplane outfit – comfy, cool and chic




This Wednesday night I came back from a two-day trip to Sweden, why not? Since I only had two days and had to travel both days I had to dress in something comfortable to travel in and nice enough to wear two days in a row when hanging out with the family. My track pants from Next is a savior in those cases. You look cool plus the are soft and comfy, what more can you ask for? To not look too casual (too much of something is never good) I wore a pair of boots from Ash. And finally my tee from Isabel Marant Etoile, I just love it!

Also take a look at the beautiful light we have in Sweden in the last pictures! Crispy and clean.


Coat/ Mango (KLICK)

Trousers/ Next (KLICK)

T-shirt/  Isabel Marant Etoile

Boots/ Ash

A low bun and ball earring




One of my best tips when you either just have a bad hair day or don’t have time to wash it is to simply put it in a bun, and to add some smashing earrings. I promise you that first of all no one can tell that your hair isn’t in its best condition and second, everyone will focus on the earrings. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

I have gone from loving a high bun into a low bun in the neck kind-of-girl. It feels more slick and chic and less boho (I’m always more boho in summer time). Have a lovely Wednesday!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Earrings/ H&M ( similar here)

Get to know me – 25 Questions & Answers


Today I’m gonna be busy running around in a studio styling a shoot for Noordinarysuit , So I thought since I have got some new followers lately I would do a little interview with myself in a way by responding this  formula with 25 questions I found online. Are you ready to get to know me a little bit better?? Let’s go!

What is your middle name?

Hennisdotter, “Hennie” from my moms name and “dotter” from the word daughter in Swedish, so Hennies daughter if you translate.

What was your favorite subject at school?

Art and sewing classes (yes we actually have subjects like that in Sweden! ) of course!

What’s your favorite drink?

Coffee, all day every day.


What is your favorite song at the moment?

Arghh this one is a hard one, there are so many good songs out there. I always loved Cat Stevens/ Father and son, and I never get bored of it. I used to listen to a lot of music before, but I somehow lost it lately by constantly hearing music at work and living with a musician in the house so when I’m alone I enjoy the quiet moment I have. Need to find that love for it again.

What is your favorite food?

Everything Italian, pasta for life.

What is the last thing you bought?

A green sheepskin fur coat from Mango (London is really getting cold).

What is your favorite book of all time?

The Magus by John Fowles ( Blew my mind! ).

Favorite color? 


Do you have any pets?

We did have some mouse problems in the flat (welcome to London!) so we decided to name him Jerry (as in Tom and Jerry). Well I’m not sure you can really call it a pet though…

Favorite Perfume?

Dolce and Gabbana/ The One, Margiela/ Beach Walk and Clean/ Warm Cotton.


Favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS!! ( Can it be December soon?)

Are you married?

No, but I have a lovely boyfriend since 4 years.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so, how many times?

Well considering the fact I grew up partly in various countries in Africa due to my fathers work and have a mother who is a real globetrotter I have to say yes. I traveled since I was a kid hard to count how many times…

Do you speak any other language?

Yes, Swedish, English and French. And I understand Norwegian and Danish.

How many siblings do you have?

One, my older sister Evelina, she is the best!

What is your favorite shop?

Can not chose, to hard..but Noordinarysuit, Acne Studios and Liberty is where I shop the most.

Favorite Restaurant?

It obviously change according to country, I had a few in Paris but if I have to say in London I would recommend two local ones just next to our place The Havelock Tavern and The Bird In Hand ( Love British pub names).

When was the last time you cried?

Oh I’m a real cry baby, probably wasn’t too long time ago…

Favorite Blog?

Ilovejeans, tessmontegomery, fashionmenow, Manrepeller, Envelope, aportablepackage to name a few ( I can honestly go on forever, I’m a real blog junkie)

Favorite Movie?

I actually don’t know, I have obviously seen many good movies trough out the years but I really can’t think of any movie good enough to be written down here. I did really love the movie Into the Wild..

Favorite TV show?

I have to say Sex and the City because I used to be obsessed with that show, nowadays House of Cards, first season of True Detective and Stranger Things of course.

PC or Mac?

Mac! Never going back to Pc.

What phone do you have?

Iphone 6s (?)

How tall are you?

Not very tall…1, 60 m I think, kind of stop measuring myself when I realized I stopped growing.

Can you cook?

I can, but I don’t love it, to be honest. I don’t hate it either but I’m definitely not a passionate chef. I kind of do it because I have to eat..if it makes sense.

That’s all from me, Over and out!


Vlog: South of France

Sometimes I press play rather then just snapping a photo and I end up having a lot of videos that simply stay on my phone. But not this time as I’m sharing them here! I made this video from when I was in South of France last week (I know I will have to stop teasing you with holiday pictures for a while) It basically sums up my week there quite good: sea, sun and sandals. So here you go my first Vlog, hope you like it!


Music: Bloke and Bird/ Bon Voyage

holiday blues

poolsideSo I am back home in London and yesterday I had my first work-day after holiday. I still suffer from major holiday blues, you know when you are back home but in your mind you are still on the beach? Or at least wishes you were. It always happens to me, I guess I really like changing environment  as it changes you and your mindset in a way, plus it inspires me to see things in a different light and I love (and need) that.

I remember one time I came back to Sweden (where I lived at the time) from a holiday in Istanbul and I told my college and friend at the moment that I was really depressed about beeing back, he could tell aswell as we were (still is) really good friends, then he looked at me and said;

I’m never going on holiday if this is the result! 

I guess we all digest things in a different way. Well I think despite the blues I’m feeling right now it was still worth it, and I’m a true believer of changing patterns. Now work!



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