Last week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lunch with my Italian friend Ilaria at the fabulous restaurant April’s Cafe just next to the shop Boutique 1 (Shops and lunch places together truly are the best!). It was my day off and I couldn’t have had a better lunch date, and where else would you get a coffee with “Bela” written in the foam (Hey one … Continue Reading

Naturally, when you find a pink house on your Sunday walk you simply have to snap some photos in front of it, questions on that? No? I thought so. Because of my lengths (or should I say my non-existing tallness) I never though that flared denim was a big hit on me. It was something only tall people could … Continue Reading

Tadaaa, I haven’t done a Vlog for a long time but I suddenly got the feeling for it! So as we are in the middle of summer and some of you might have more holidays coming up (or staycation?) I thought I would show you my top three holidays looks from my wardrobe. I realized after doing … Continue Reading

Curious what my favorite shops in London are? What I’m wearing this party session? What the best styling advice I was ever given? Or maybe what my number one style rule is? If you answered yes on at least on of the questions above klick on the link below to see the interview published on … Continue Reading