Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without

Ok, so there are few things and bringing to both my holiday in Turkey and South of France.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The strawhat, this one is from a market in south of France.

It’s stylish and it protects both you and your hair from the sun, a must in warmer climates.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. Gold jewelry is a must on your summer holidays.

I’m a gold jewelry kinda girl, and in the summer I want them bigger and chunkier. The more the merrier.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The tanned brown leather sandals.

Black in all its glory, nothing beats a tanned foot in a brown leather sandal. For me, it just adds to that natural holiday vibe I’m always aiming for. Plus it goes well with your natural skin color.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The straw bag to bring to the beach and dinner.

A straw bag is easy to carry all your beach essentials in and chic enough to bring on your dinner after the beach. It’s basically the only bag you need for your holiday, in different sizes, shapes, and colors obviously.

What do you bring on your holiday?


The best slides on the high street right now for under fifty pound

Brown leather slides from hm and So it goes magazine

When I grew up there weren’t that many sandals out there ( or maybe I just wasn’t that into them?). Sandals or flipflops were something you bought last minute before your holiday and then threw away, you didn’t really invest in a sandal and most important, they weren’t really fashion pieces. Until today.

For me the sandals have evolved from being a holiday thing to a statement shoe you can wear everywhere even in the big cities. I must say it feels good wearing a flat shoe that airs your feet on a hot day and still makes you feel fashionable!

Here you go, my favorite slides from the high street right for under fifty pounds, go go go!

best slides on the highstreet under fifty poundStarting from top left. Watermelon leather slides/Topshop HERE, White crossover slides/ Office HERE, Satin lilac slides/ Mango HERE (ON SALE!!), Feather slides/ Mango HERE (ON SALE!!), Leather slides/ H&M HERE


The story about the golden shoes and why everybody should own a pair


There is an old Swedish song from the eighties where the Swedish band Herreys are singing about golden shoes, ask any Swede, we are all familiar with that song. To sum it up the song kind of goes like this: Diggiloo Diggiley everybody’s looking at me when I am walking in my golden shoes, I’m always flying in my golden shoes, I wish everybody had a pair of golden shoes” and so on and so on. Basically, the whole song is about how wonderful you can feel in golden shoes. I didn’t get it thirty years ago, but I get it now since I got myself a pair. Everybody need a pair of golden shoes!!! What an eye catcher and what a statement shoe, I don’t think ever I received so many compliments for a shoe.

As you can see on the picture above, with those kinds of shoes you can go really simple in the rest of the outfit, here worn with ripped vintage Levis 501 jeans. You are after all wearing gold and you don’t want to overdo it.


Get the golden shoes HERE


Loafers – A must in every shoe wardrobe


I really have a thing for loafers lately. Fist of all they are comfortable and at the moment I have a bit of a problem with aching feets so I chose comfort over; looking tall in heels.

When it comes to styling its super east to style them as well. Personally, I prefer to go the old school way and wear them with a pair of denim, but you can easily pair them either a dress, a skirt or a pair of culottes. Littery everything, so a good investment in your shoe wardrobe I must say. The one above I got from Topshop and I love that they are a bit more fun than the classic black ones, a bit of metallic pink never did anyone any harm right?

But I’m ready for a new pair, but this time I’m dreaming of a Gucci loafers, preferably a pair of slides ones…

Help me, which one below do you like the best? And can you guess my favorite?


Denim/ Mango HERE

Loafers/ Topshop


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