My own jewelry brand – House of Hennie

Finally, after a few months of hard work, I can now show you the beginning of something that with time I hope will become even bigger! My own brand House of Hennie, pieces all designed and handmade by me here in London. I am of course beyond excited to start this journey! See all the products on my webshop ( more coming up soon), read my story of why I started the brand and why I named it House of Hennie. You will find everything at HouseofHennie.com

Let me know your thought and leave a comment below!

Lots of love!

G x



for the sake of nature ( and you )


My favorite drink is water (ok coffee too) and I drink a lot of it. Because of my consumption of water I also tend to buy quite a lot of plastic water bottles when I'm on the go in the city, it does make me feel bad in many ways. First of all, we have perfectly good tap water in this country so it's just bad to mother nature using and consuming all those plastic bottles and second, it's a silly thing to spend your money on if you ask me.

But there is an end to this, I got the nicest water bottle now! Glacial is a Swedish company with a mission to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles (yay) and they make really nice and fashionable bottles. My one imitates one of my favorite materials, wood. From now on I carry this bottle with good conscience, and looking pretty stylish too!

















Get your own Glazial bottle HERE and put the code GLACIAL_p20 to get a 20 % discount, but hurry only valid until 31 0ct 2017

Denim from Rodebjer



about coming home and the changes ahead

I guess I'm not alone in my coming home from holiday feeling weird, slightly disorientated and lost. I'm so eager to back into routines ( I love routines) but end up mostly just staring at the wall not knowing where to start (hence the absent here on the blog ). This summer has been great in so many ways, I traveled a lot (Turkey, Sweden, Paris, Wales, and South of France ) which also led to a lot of thinking. Mostly about me as a person, my goals and my soul search in a way. It opened my eyes and creativity ( I guess that's was travel do!?) and my mind feels a bit clearer.

For me my new years start now, I have so many plans ahead. First I'm planning a new shoot with Noordinarysuit (and more plans with the company in general), I'm taking silversmithing jewelry classes ( a dream I had forever), expect some fun collaborations on the blog and many more blog plans ahead (Please let me know if you wish for anything specific !), I'm expanding my personal styling business (book me HERE), and last but not least I'm still working for my beloved Acne Studios. Autumn 2017 let's do this!!

Enough talking and let me share some snaps from South of France.

Straw clutch bought in a local market in South of France.

Coffee and straw bags. Life.

Wild cactus in South of France

Cactus! (or Aloe Vera as my mum claims it is...not sure)

Beach in south of France, wearing my sunglasses from And Other Stories

Classic beach selfie. Had to be done.

Beautiful cliffs by the sea in South of France

Sea sea sea.

Beach in south of France, wearing my sunglasses from And Other Stories

I think I wore those sunglasses 90 % of my time in France, love the shape and the color. Get them HERE

Fruits getting ripped in the sun on the terrace in South of France

Fruits getting ripped in the sun.

This is it, for now, stay tuned I still have a few more photos to share from France!



Green Man festival in Wales and Internet Detox

So one week ago I came back from the Green Man festival that takes place in national Park Brecon Beacons in Wales. Do I have to say that the surroundings were incredible? The main stage had a beautiful view of mountains creating this amazing backdrop when you listen to the bands. But there was rain, a lot of rain to be honest. Luckily I was prepared, I managed to get myself a rain coat and a pair of wellies the last minute before leaving. Thank god for that. The downside is that I really don't have any interesting outfit post to show since I wore raincoat and wellies the entire weekend, but I have other amazing photos to share.


This is where I got my coffee from every morning, I really care about a good cup of coffee and this place delivered my morning macchiato.

Festival style at the Green Man festival in Wales. Wearing sunglasses from And Other Stories and raincoat from Topshop with a print.

Tired/happy me waking up.

Festival style at the Green Man festival in Wales. Food truck as a team room bus.

The festival really had good food trucks in all sorts of styles and cuisine, and some of them really work with the home styling as well, I mean take a look this tea room bus!!

Festival style at the Green Man festival in Wales. Wearing short wellington boots from Barbour and raincoat from Topshop with a print.

I can promise you I didn't bring the rain. The moment I bought this raincoat I told my boyfriend that I'm gonna get so many comments from happy unsober people at the festival, and I sure did. "Can you make it stop now?" "Why did you bring it?" to only mention a few, all of them said with a smile on their face!

Old castle we discovered on our hike in Wales.

Old castle we discovered on our hike in Wales.

Old castle we discovered on our hike in Wales.

One morning we adventured outside the festival to discover the surroundings a bit, turns out decision well made when we found the ruins of this old castle. Majestic and simply beautiful.

Festival style at the Green Man festival in Wales. Wearing short wellington boots from Barbour and raincoat from Topshop with a print.

That was that for Green Man, and the internet detox I mentioned in the title? Well, after coming home from the festival we didn't have internet for one week, long story, less blogging updates for me but more reading and organizing at home. Not so bad after all, sometimes it's good to go offline. More about that another time.


Rain coat / Topshop HERE

Wellies/ Barbour HERE

Sunglasses/ And Other Stories HERE


The return of the leggings and lunch with my favorite Italian

My beautiful and delicious coffee art with a message from April's cafe Boutique 1 in London

Last week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lunch with my Italian friend Ilaria at the fabulous restaurant April's Cafe just next to the shop Boutique 1 (Shops and lunch places together truly are the best!). It was my day off and I couldn't have had a better lunch date, and where else would you get a coffee with "Bela" written in the foam (Hey one L missing but it's the thought that counts no?)

Anyhow, let's change subject to the outfit.

I'm loving the new trend that are bringing back the leggings. Here worn with a oversized shirt from SJYP, slingbacks from And Other Stories and tote from Jigsaw.

Leggings tights or what ever you may be calling it, it is back! Now you can happily wear leggings even if you are not on your way to the gym. I must say I embraced this trend right way, can we talk about how comfy they are? Since I will be taking a four-hour flight to Turkey in ten days, these leggings will definitely be a part of my airplane outfit. Like a pajama but not.

I'm loving the new trend that are bringing back the leggings. Here worn with a oversized shirt from SJYP, slingbacks from And Other Stories and tote from Jigsaw.

And the best part is that it really doesn't have to cost a lot, I gathered my favorites in the shop right now below. I would style them with a shirt like above, or a big chunky knit for colder days.

Leggings/ COS

Slingbacks/ And Other Stories

Bag/ Jigsaw

Shirt/ SJYP


My everyday (almost non existing ) make-up routine

My makeup must have for a natural makeup. Balm dotcom from Glossier, lipbalm from lipstickqueen, blush from Bobbi Brown, foundation primer from Laura Mercier and conceler from Ysl touche eclat.

I have never been a big makeup fan, sure I have done throughout the years the usual blush, mascara, eyeliner kinda thing, but I always been more of a skincare fan rather than covering up my face. Even times when I have got my makeup done professionally I never really felt comfortable or beautiful in it, true story. I still put a little bit on just to feel more fresh and awake when showing up at work, so I though I walk you through my favorites right now. Let's go!

bag (1 of 1)-10

I am not very dark under my eyes so YSL Touche Eclat number 1 is really perfect for me, it covers but not too much and gives a kind of see through feeling and just light up the skin slightly. A must for my sometimes tired eyes. HERE

If it's something I love on the skin then it is glow, the more the merrier. This miracle primer gives you a healthy glowy and smooth skin, perfect for me who avoids foundations. I don't use it too much during summer as the sun kissed skin already gives you a glow but during winter time this is a life saver. HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Creme blush and lip from Bobbi Brown.

I don't know what it is but I have this thing for liquid makeup, especially when it comes to blushes. I feel like a powder variant can sometimes dry out the skin while a creme one makes it look more natural and glowy (again I LOVE glow). This one does the job perfectly! HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Balm dotcom from Glossier that I use as a eye shadow for a wet look and as a highlighter on the cheek bones.

I heard a rumor that Glossier will come to London (anyone who has more info on that please comment and tell me more!?) For now you can buy this multi balm at Net-a-Porter so already that is good for us Europeans. This balm is a must. I personally use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and as an eyeshadow when you want that dewy look, but you can use it on your lips and hands as well. HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Lipbalm from Lipstick Queen that last forever and give you the perfect tint and gloss for a natural look.

Last but definitely not least I finish up my makeup with this lip balm, It gives you that natural and glossy shade without being too much or too little. And it's last for a very long time compared to other balms. HERE

That was my everyday make-up, as you can see it's all very natural, just the way I like it.

If you have any questions at all feel free to comment below!




We will always have Paris – About my new found love for my old city

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

Last week I was back in what most people refer to the City of Love, Paris. I lived there two years ago and even though I have been back a few times since moving, it has always been for the work and only for the day. This meant seeing Paris through the taxi in between the station and the showroom. This time was different as I stayed for two days and spent the night in Paris, still for work but more time for pleasure this time.

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

When walking from Garde de Nord ( Yes luckily Londoners can take the train to Paris) to Marais it stroke me how beautiful the city is, I had forgotten about the Parisians buildings and how charming the city is. Funny how sometimes you need a bit of distance in able to see things clearly again.

Picture of the interior decoration department in the french store Merci in Paris. Love the minimalistic and nature colored deco combined with the green plant wall outside.

My visit didn't get any worse when I meet up with friends for dinner and breakfast and that I managed to squeeze in a visit to one of my favorite shop Merci, see picture above. I would really recommend this store if you are into design, my favorite department is the interior design floor. Oh, la la as you would say in France. If you interested in visiting the store but can't go to Paris check out their online store HERE

Parisian buildings and architecture shot in Marais this summer

I must also fill in that it was nice by Thursday night to come home to London and my life here, home is where your heart is. But I will always have Paris...



When life gives you lemons (oranges) etc. and my new net shopper

off white net shopper from ebay with oranges inside

Ebay, let's talk Ebay. What an amazing marketplace, almost anything you want you can find there, for a better price. I have been looking for a net shopper like this for a while on the high street and shops all over London with no luck. Only to realize that Ebay has them for 1,39 pound!

off white net shopper from ebay with oranges inside

I didn't take a lot of thinking before clicking home the little beauty. Perfect for a day at the park or beach, to bring your groceries and for a day in the city running errands.

Get your own HERE



My relaxing space and my Maison Popineau pillow


Welcome to my space, yes I have created a little space at home where I hang out. This is where I read my book and just relax. I think if you are busy and working a lot, it's important to slow down every now and then, for me it works to have a specific place in the house for that actual slowing down process.

I got THIS PILLOW  that I absolutely love from Maison Popineau It just brings some extra coziness to the space and also some color and character. One other extra plus is the fact that the pillow is made from feather filling, so not one of that synthetic pillow that will lose their shape within a week, and the pillowcase itself is made from cotton and silk patches all sewn together. A real quality pillow that is! Oh, and let's not forget the fact that is made in France and is eco-friendly, Win win win!


The colors are from the french flag, and since I used to be Parisian I thought I would bring some french character into my London home.

Check out some more of my favorite pillows from the brand below. Should a get a pink one next time or the one with a lightning?? Decisions decisions...


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My five top tips in how to wardrobe detox – Featured on Share Style


Hands up everyone who feels like they have too many clothes but nothing to wear? Well, you are not alone if you raised your hand.

A couple of days ago I got asked by the app Share Style, where I work as one of their many freelancing personal stylists, to share my five best tips in how to do a wardrobe detox. A wardrobe detox is simply a detox but for your clothes and wardrobe. It's a way to edit out what you don't need and add pieces you are missing and simply clean and organize so you can easily get dressed in the morning. I'm sharing my first of five tips here, to read them all head over to Share Style blog.


This may sound ridiculous —  why would you hide your clothes when you’re already struggling to find something to wear? — but it can really help. If you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you’re not sure about but haven’t got rid of them just in case you might wear them on some rare occasion, then fold them up and put them in a bag for six months. If you haven’t missed them or can hardly remember what’s in that bag, then you know that you can do without them. So get rid. Leaving them as an unreliable outfit option is only adding extra minutes to your daily dressing woes.

And if you still after reading the five tip needs an extra help, don't hesitate to book an appointment with me at Share Style.




A lot of you have asked where the shoes on the pictures are from, and unfortunately, they are old H&M ones, but you can find similar ones HERE