My favorite drink is water (ok coffee too) and I drink a lot of it. Because of my consumption of water I also tend to buy quite a lot of plastic water bottles when I’m on the go in the city, it does make me feel bad in many ways. First of all, we have perfectly good tap water in this country so … Continue Reading

I guess I’m not alone in my coming home from holiday feeling weird, slightly disorientated and lost. I’m so eager to back into routines ( I love routines) but end up mostly just staring at the wall not knowing where to start (hence the absent here on the blog ). This summer has been great in so many ways, … Continue Reading

So one week ago I came back from the Green Man festival that takes place in national Park Brecon Beacons in Wales. Do I have to say that the surroundings were incredible? The main stage had a beautiful view of mountains creating this amazing backdrop when you listen to the bands. But there was rain, a lot of … Continue Reading

Last week I had the pleasure to enjoy a lunch with my Italian friend Ilaria at the fabulous restaurant April’s Cafe just next to the shop Boutique 1 (Shops and lunch places together truly are the best!). It was my day off and I couldn’t have had a better lunch date, and where else would you get a coffee with “Bela” written in the foam (Hey one … Continue Reading