The other day I went to ASOS to check out their jewelry’s and go happily surprised in how many pieces in their collection actually  is made of sterling silver or gold plated. I almost never buy jewelry’s anymore who isn’t  made by real silver or gold-plated, because their is nothing more annoying when the jewelry’s start loosing their colors.

I am absolutely obsessed with the snakebracelet  from the brand Eyland jewellery, check out all their other pieces HERE.

 Get the earring HERE and bracelet HERE



crabclaw1It has happened, I tried to resist but it has now hit me aswell. The cold. I hate so much being sick, cause unless I can’t move I still go to work, but obviously you are not well enough to work either.

Anyway despite this sickness I thought I would at least share my little light in this moment: a ring I bought from ebay that arrived yesterday. I love that it is chunky, gold color and have “crab claws”, so original. And it fits perfect on my index finger! The ring is from the british designer Giles Deacon and his jewelry collection Libertine. Now tea.

Ring/Giles Deacon Libertine