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H&M gold ball earrings


I'm gonna be honest, of course I would love to get the real deal as in the ball earrings from Celine, BUT when H&M does a replica for only 7 pounds and you are on a tight budget there is not much to do or say. You just buy them.


These are the perfect earrings that you can wear dressed up or more casually dressed down. And the best thing is that today ou can get them for only 3.50 pound HERE!!!!!!

Here's a few other earrings from H&M I wouldn't mind with the same minimalistic yet interesting touch. Perfect for the upcoming holidays as they look good in both a warm cozy knit and as well as in a dress.






Photo by Sam Remer,

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Ear candy


hoopsargosCan you spot my earrings? I know they are tiny, but that's kind of the thing. I realized  that when it comes to earrings I prefer either massive ones or teeny tiny. The hoops are perfect, just big enough to make their way around the earlobe and no bigger. And  guess what, they are made of 9 karat gold, not gold plated but pure gold and they cost no more than a dinner out at the local pub (17 pound that is). The little star is just to add an extra touch and make it more fun. My perfect everyday earrings!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Star studs/ Hennisdotter

Gold hoops/ Argos

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Cocos Liberty at the Stylist Live event




Those earrings!


The founder and designer Elina Bergert herself


My crown ring that followed me home 

The ones who follows me on Instagram might already know that this Sunday I was at the yearly event Stylist magazine organized called Stylist Live. Overall it was a nice day to see new up and coming designers, listen to inspirational talks and just enjoying a day surrounded with creative people.

The main reson I was there was because of my friend Elina who showcased her jewelry brand Cocos Liberty among many other designers. She is such an inspirtion and I truly love the pieces she create, one little ring that I had my eyes on for a while actually sits on my pinky finger right now!

Do check out her amazing jewelry HERE!


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luxury and budget makes a perfect match

luxbudgetI was really hoping to give som more creative summer outfits here from Sweden, but to be honest the weather isn't the most inspiring. Rain rain rain, feels like I am home in London but seeing my family makes me forget the bad weather. Anyway, the other day when shopping in Gotheburg with one of my best friends (@christinefriberg) I found a pair of Celine  inspired earrings from Zara that I have had my eyes on for a while that I obvisly couldn't resist.

Today I would love to pair them with my Alexander McQueen sunnies and a nice summer dress...well let's  see if the weather allows it or if they will simply stay on the desk today? They really do make a perfect match.


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gold and layers

layersandgoldI have been lazy latley taking outfit posts, but the main reason is because I kind of look the same every day. I do work a lot with layers (the layering season is here, when you can't trust the weather) and gold jewelry to add something extra to the look.

Can't wait for the "real summer" when I can experiment a bit more with my look! 


Tshirt/ Brandy Melville, Shirt/ Acne studios

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on my wish list from top shop


moodsummeroutfitThe warmer it get the lighter colors I want to wear, or let me put it this way;  black ( that I always wear) suddenly seams a bit boring. When it comes to summer pieces, I really don't mind buying them from high street brands, only because I play around more with my style in summer and I'm not always sure I will wear them next summer. Ever since arriving  to London, I have a new crush on Topshop, I think the selection is just so much better here then in other countries (which makes sense since it is a British brand). I imagine wearing this outfit on a late summer night (hence the knit) a little bit  dressed up but not much, a look that shows that you are not trying to hard!

Everything from Topshop /

get the trousers HERE, get the sandals HERE, get the knit HERE, get the earrings HERE

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gold bangles

I love the bohemien-gypsy look with a lot of jewelry's, don't get me wrong I am, as you who follows me know, very classic and minimalistic, but I am also a true believer in the details. Right now I'm very into gold bangles, for now I have two beauties on my wrist but I'm planing to get more, especially in summer with a nice tan (if I can manage to get one this year), what do you guys think should I go for three?

Find simular ones HERE


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things to do when sick

beddetailsI thought I was I gonna manage to stay away from catching a cold by dressing warm (layers!), eating vitamin C and drinking loads of tea with lemon, ginger and honey. But no, here I am bed bound for at least one day. I am not one of those people who get sick often but when it hits, it hits me hard.

So besides sleeping and taking medicine, this is on my to-do list today:

  • Listen to the latest episode of my new favorite podcast  (sorry only for my Swedish readers)
  • Watch THIS documentary  by Alexa Chung for British Vogue
  • Browse internet to find THIS piece of jewelry in either silver or gold-plated (any tips? )
  • Start reading THIS book

But first I'm gonna light my diptyque candle and get some more tea!


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vacation mode on


Ok so it might not be summer and vacation time yet, but since I am going to south of France in the middle of april for a couple of days I started dreaming about warmer climat, and what to wear in that of course.

The best things about summer outfits is that less is definitely more since we don't have to layer up with coats, scarfs and stockings to keep us warm. This outfit above is exactly how I want to dress while eating moules frites with my mum on a terass and just enjoying some people watching.

1.Dress/ AndOtherStories, 2. Earrings/ Lolasproject, 3. Shoes/Acne Studios 

March 10, 20162 Comments

isabel marant hoops


Did you know that Isabel Marant actually started of her brand with just doing jewellrys? I got these perfect hoops from her brand a while back, and they are the perfect size and have the perfect thickness that a hoop should have. I like her jewellery a lot cause it have this bohemian chic look, without being to hippie ( just enough ) and remains chic and elegant. Et voila!

And I can't agree more than what it says on the jewellery bag, little things does indeed make big days!

Happy friday.


Earrings/ Isabel Marant