My own jewelry brand – House of Hennie

Finally, after a few months of hard work, I can now show you the beginning of something that with time I hope will become even bigger! My own brand House of Hennie, pieces all designed and handmade by me here in London. I am of course beyond excited to start this journey! See all the products on my webshop ( more coming up soon), read my story of why I started the brand and why I named it House of Hennie. You will find everything at HouseofHennie.com

Let me know your thought and leave a comment below!

Lots of love!

G x



J.wlry Sthlm and my new “Lights Off” ring

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

Me and Joanna (founder of J.WLRY Sthlm) meet a couple of years ago in Paris, both Swedes in a big city where anything was possible but also where there were many bumps on the road. One thing we always shared even in hard times was our love for fashion and design, so it makes me proud as a friend to see her creating something really beautiful that I constantly carry around my finger. Instead of me writing things about the ring I thought I would share a few words from the designer herself below.


ME: Hi Joanna, Are you ready for three quick questions? What are you wearing right now?

JOANNA: Hi, sure go ahead! I am wearing my lovely knitted crop trousers from COS. Together with a top from Malene Birger and a sweater from Wood Wood. My high heels from Rodebjer I am just dreaming of wearing, the pregnancy only lets me have my New Balance sneakers.

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

ME: What are you doing today?

JOANNA: I am organizing the rest of the week's jewelry making and planning a client meeting, and kind of always sketching on some new exciting ideas while listening to music...

My new sterling silver ring called Lights Off from the Swedish brand J.wlry Sthlm.

ME: I absolutely love the ring Lights Off from your collection, can you tell me more about where you get the inspiration from when creating your jewelry?

JOANNA: I'm so happy to hear that! My inspiration source comes mostly from minimalism and Art Deco objects and the artist Hervé Van Der Straeten that I got familiar with when I studied fashion in Paris. I can't get enough of his work.

Thank you Joanna and good luck with J.WLRY Sthlm and the soon to be here baby!

If you want to buy your own piece head over to J.wlry STHLM online shop HERE and make sure to follow them on Instagram HERE




Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without

Ok, so there are few things and bringing to both my holiday in Turkey and South of France.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The strawhat, this one is from a market in south of France.

It's stylish and it protects both you and your hair from the sun, a must in warmer climates.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. Gold jewelry is a must on your summer holidays.

I'm a gold jewelry kinda girl, and in the summer I want them bigger and chunkier. The more the merrier.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The tanned brown leather sandals.

Black in all its glory, nothing beats a tanned foot in a brown leather sandal. For me, it just adds to that natural holiday vibe I'm always aiming for. Plus it goes well with your natural skin color.


Four accessories essentials I would never go on holiday without. The straw bag to bring to the beach and dinner.

A straw bag is easy to carry all your beach essentials in and chic enough to bring on your dinner after the beach. It's basically the only bag you need for your holiday, in different sizes, shapes, and colors obviously.

What do you bring on your holiday?



Acne Studios gold earrings- A birthday gift from me to me

A birthday is a good day to treat your self with something. I know the idea is that you get spoiled by family and friends, but let's be honest who knows best what you want but yourself?

Acne Studios Nanni gold earrings. The perfect everyday statement earring you will ever need.

I happened to spend my birthday in Paris when I was there a few weeks ago for work, and it just so happens that the Acne Studios store was on sale and just around the corner from the Acne showroom where I was working. My two managers insisted that I went there to just ten minutes before our appointment to see if I could find myself something, so this might be one of my quickest buys ever.

Acne Studios Nanni gold earrings. The perfect everyday statement earring you will ever need.

I must admit I have been dreaming about those earrings since they came out so even if the actual buying was quick it wasn't very impulsive, and it was my birthday after all. They are so versatile that they basically look good with anything, especially now in summer with a bit of tan, yay!


Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out everywhere, but here is a similar pair.


Purple earrings, holiday and my addiction to ball earrings

goldshoes (1 of 1)-3

goldshoes (1 of 1)-5

If you have been following me for a while you might have noticed my "ball-earrings-addiction". I counted them the other day and I realized I have 7 pairs (!!) of earrings with some kind of ball dangling. I have no idea if this is normal, but Hey, it makes me happy.

So you can imagine my joy when I found these purple metallic ones at Topshop for ten pounds? Winner winner chicken dinner. Tomorrow at this time I will be on a plane to Sweden, first for a friends wedding and then for some family time, can't wait! Follow my Instastories to get a view of the Swedish country side!


Earrings/ Topshop, Shirt/ COS



Bare Braunstein bracelet and a Modern Gentlewoman



There is currently two things that I can't let go of my hand (wrist) and that's my red Bare Braunstein bracelet and the book The New Garconne. Let's start by taking about the bracelet, less is definitely more when it comes to jewelry and this bracelet in itself is just perfect. I also love the history behind a red bracelet, to protect and ward off misfortune, it just makes the bracelet even more special to wear.

And the book, well it's just a great source of inspiration if you want to get inspired by some power women out there. I mean who doesn't want to be feed with that info?

Order your own bracelet by emailing barebraunstein@gmail.com and follow them on Instagram HERE and get the book HERE

That's it for me today as I'm down with the flu. Now more tea.



Earrings, green marble and thoughts about Primark


Let's talk about Primark, I don't very often visit their store but I happened to be there the other whilst picking pieces for a shoot. I must say that this time I was happily surprised, there is some good stuff there (for a very good price!). Not only did I find good pieces for the shoot but I also stumbled upon those earrings on the picture above and for two pounds (!?). I really couldn't resist them. Go to Primark folks!


Earrings/ Primark

Marble Tray/ Flying Tiger Copenhagen



Things I don’t need (but desperately want) from The Outnet


One of my favorite sites to go to when I'm in need for some inspiration and in a buying mood is The Outnet. I think it has to do with the fact that you never know what you end up finding there, to a better price of course which makes the experience even better.

Those three items above is nothing I need, but for some reason I still really want them. A PINK SOFT BRA with lips on, Yes yes yes. An IPHONE CASE FROM MOSCHINO, very big and probably won't fit in my pocket, but Hey at least I won't loose my phone, and I must look really cool whilst using it. A CRYSTAL GOLDRING, I can't get enough of crystals, the joy to have it wrapped around your finger all day every day!!

Let's see if I can resist them or not...



A low bun and ball earring




One of my best tips when you either just have a bad hair day or don't have time to wash it is to simply put it in a bun, and to add some smashing earrings. I promise you that first of all no one can tell that your hair isn't in its best condition and second, everyone will focus on the earrings. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

I have gone from loving a high bun into a low bun in the neck kind-of-girl. It feels more slick and chic and less boho (I'm always more boho in summer time). Have a lovely Wednesday!

Photographer: Maryam Samar

Earrings/ H&M ( similar here)


Are you shopping any of this on Black Friday?


So black Friday is here again. This time I quickly scanned the market to see what I wish for right now and things I wold actually use and not just because there is discount and it's cheap ( Do not get fooled by this my friends). This is my favorites so far...

Cactus vase / I don't even know if I have to add anything to this one, EVERYBODY needs a cactus vase in their house. It's as simple as that. This one can be yours for only 21 pounds just make sure you add the code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out.

Ring /The perfect cocktail ring from Dyrberg and Kern (Go Danish design!). For the amazing price of 55  pounds!!

Bracelet /I adore when designers take something old and ancient and remake a newer version of it. Bracelet with pendants coin is simple but so classic and beautiful. This baby can be yours for only 25 pounds. No kidding.

Rotting armchair /For some reason I have become obsessed with chairs (or any other deco pieces for that matter ) in the material rotting. So retro yet so minimalistic and modern. Love. This one can be yours for only 87 pounds just make sure you add the code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out.