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Beach dreaming

Sandals from Sam Edelman, beach towel from Toteme and silk bag from The Row, perfect beach friends.

I'm a person who thinks about everything in the very detail. Like a beach towel, I become a bit obsessed with finding the right one for a perfect beach look. The Toteme one is definitely high up on the list, especially paired with The Row silk bag and the sandals from Sam Edelman above. Now all I need is a beach.



Sandals / Sam Edelman HERE , Bag / The Row HERE, Towel / Toteme HERE

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Dear santa…

My Christmas look. Gold ring from House of Hennie, yellow knit from Ganni, trousers from Totême, bag from Attico, Satin heels from And Other Stories and lip balm from Rodin.

I'm really getting into Christmas spirit, London really goes all in when it comes to decorating so it's hard not to get the seasonal feeling.  I literally can't wait to go home to Sweden to celebrate a proper Christmas with my family. If I could choose I would look like this on Christmas/New Years, simple but not boring. And the best? All pieces can be worn separately in an everyday casual look, so no money wasted!

The perfect statement ring from House of Hennie, a beautiful yellow knit from Ganni, perfect suit trousers from Totême, the it-bag of the season from Attico, Satin heels from And Other Stories and finally the perfect everyday lip balm from Rodin.


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Sunny beaches tee from Ganni and a lunch in the park

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Ok, so I'm not quite there yet, at the sunny beaches that is ( 14 days but who's counting?) but there is no harm bringing the beaches to the city is there? At least on a t-shirt.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Danish brand Ganni always does nice, fun and affordable t-shirt with prints, it's kinda their thing. Remember this one from a few season ago?

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

Casual summer outfit post shot in London soho, wearing tee from Ganni, jeans from Acne Studios and slides from H&M.

I'm also back in business with my lovely photographer and friend Maryam, she has been really busy lately but the other day we managed to squeeze in a lunch in the park, with juice and wrap from our favorite place in Soho. And then we shot some outfit photos of course, as you can see on the pictures above. Thank you Maryam for always making me feel good in front of the camera!


Tshirt- Ganni HERE

Denim - Acne Studios

Sandals - H&M HERE

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Top sales pices in store now and how to shop smart during sales

My best tip in how to shop smart during sales. Showing here adidas trainers from Asos, top from Cos and bracelet from Mango

I love sales, who doesn't? When I think about it a few of my best wardrobe staples is actually sales findings.

So here we go, three tips from me to you in how to shop smart during sales.

1. It's easy to get carried away in sales and to stop thinking what you actually buying but focusing on the price. Trust me I have been there as well, but it really doesn't matter if an item is 10 pound if you don't love it and won't wear it you might as well spend that on something else (exhibition, a book, a cake...anything!)

2. Sales is the time when I tend to focus on the basic stuff, now is the perfect timing to invest in that black cashmere sweater and those classic denim trousers that normally would cost a fortune. Yes, it might sound boring coming home with "simple" things but that's really what you need.

3. Third but most important, are you shopping in sales for the kick or to actually find something useful? If you are shopping for the kick, go home and go through your wardrobe and make a list of what you actually might need, then shop and STICK TO THE LIST!

Happy sales shopping and have a look at my favorites above!

Adidas trainers HERE

Bracelet HERE ( perfect beach accessorize this summer )



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The best slides on the high street right now for under fifty pound

Brown leather slides from hm and So it goes magazine

When I grew up there weren't that many sandals out there ( or maybe I just wasn't that into them?). Sandals or flipflops were something you bought last minute before your holiday and then threw away, you didn't really invest in a sandal and most important, they weren't really fashion pieces. Until today.

For me the sandals have evolved from being a holiday thing to a statement shoe you can wear everywhere even in the big cities. I must say it feels good wearing a flat shoe that airs your feet on a hot day and still makes you feel fashionable!

Here you go, my favorite slides from the high street right for under fifty pounds, go go go!

best slides on the highstreet under fifty poundStarting from top left. Watermelon leather slides/Topshop HERE, White crossover slides/ Office HERE, Satin lilac slides/ Mango HERE (ON SALE!!), Feather slides/ Mango HERE (ON SALE!!), Leather slides/ H&M HERE


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Mood of summer in the city 2017



This week I picked up one of my favorite things I used to do when I lived back in Sweden (five years ago now?!), Yoga. I'm loving every second of it and it's really one of those things when you ask yourself- Why did I ever stop?

I do the classes before work, so naturally, I put my yoga tights on home before taking the tube and I must say, tights look pretty good. The Swedish brand Toteme founded by superstar Elin Kling do the coolest tights for an everyday wear. I would wear it with an oversized shirt or t-shirt and a pair of slingbacks or mules. So casual chic, perfect for a city girl like me.



Shoes/ Topshop HERE

Lipgloss/ Mac HERE

Tights/ Toteme HERE

Shirt/ And Other Stories HERE

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Oh those summer nights – How I will dress this summer


I don't know about the rest of the world but in London, there are total summer vibes. It's amazing what magic sun does for your mood, just the fact that you can wear bare legs to work and have your lunch in the sun changes EVERYTHING! When it comes to dressing this summer I'm all about patterns, the more the merrier and an advice from me to you: don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors.

The look above is a perfect summer in the city look that stills allows you to look chic and effortless. And the best thing? It doesn't cost a fortune...

Klick on the links below to get to the products.

Enjoy the sun!


Straw bag HERE, Earrings HERE, Trousers HERE, Tee HERE, Sandals HERE

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Beach and holiday essentials for the summer


I'm really feeling summer vibes today, all of you who follows me on Instagram knows I'm currently in Sweden, and let me tell you it's 20 degrees and sun! So naturally, I'm holiday daydreaming, especially when it comes to styling and dressing.

I'm always drawn to patterns and natural materials in summer, as most people I guess. I literally can't wait to put my feets on a beach with sand beneath my toes, but while doing that I would love to look stylish as well. Above you can find my wishlist for my summer adventures. Summer come quickly!



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Book me as your personal stylist!

profilestyle1Do I have some exciting news for you? Yes, I'm very happy to announce that from now on all you Londoners can book me as a personal stylist. Now for all of you who might be wondering what this is, head over to my Personal Styling Page to read all about the different types of styling session I offer.

I am beyond excited to help everyone who struggles to build up that perfect wardrobe! Let's do this!

Jeans/ Vintage Levi's 501

T-shirt / Frame

Slingbacks/ And Other Stories



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Cherry and bandanas – A perfect match


I dawns on me a lot of the time when styling how keeping it simple really makes it perfect, everytime. I know, I know I'm Scandinavian and we are really known for it and blah blah blah, but the truth it that we always try to overdo things and had we just removed one or two things the result would have been different and better.

The other day I styled my white t-shirt with a bandana and matched the bandana with the embroidered cherry. I turned out pretty well, I must say, simple and not overdone. Loving bandanas and cherry's on clothes for that matter. Check my best buys of them both of them below. I'm quite tempted to get the cherry tee from Ganni with a white bandana, Yay or Nay??

T-shirt / Brandy Melville (SOLD OUT)

Bandana/ Vintage


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