Ok, so I’m not quite there yet, at the sunny beaches that is ( 14 days but who’s counting?) but there is no harm bringing the beaches to the city is there? At least on a t-shirt. Danish brand Ganni always does nice, fun and affordable t-shirt with prints, it’s kinda their thing. Remember this one from a few season … Continue Reading

I love sales, who doesn’t? When I think about it a few of my best wardrobe staples is actually sales findings. So here we go, three tips from me to you in how to shop smart during sales. 1. It’s easy to get carried away in sales and to stop thinking what you actually buying but … Continue Reading

When I grew up there weren’t that many sandals out there ( or maybe I just wasn’t that into them?). Sandals or flipflops were something you bought last minute before your holiday and then threw away, you didn’t really invest in a sandal and most important, they weren’t really fashion pieces. Until today. For me the sandals have evolved … Continue Reading

  This week I picked up one of my favorite things I used to do when I lived back in Sweden (five years ago now?!), Yoga. I’m loving every second of it and it’s really one of those things when you ask yourself- Why did I ever stop? I do the classes before work, so … Continue Reading