April 14, 2018No Comments

A well needed pause and a new earring design

Baroque pearl earrings from House of Hennie and Porter magazine.


Yesterday I spent almost my entire day off in bed. For me it's a very unusual thing to do, but for various reason, I really needed a break. I listened to podcasts and read Porter magazine. I still felt that my to-do list was staring at me, but I kept telling myself that it was nothing that couldn't wait until the next day. I really need to practice on how to relax and let go. How do you do to unwind? Give me some tips.

I still managed to combine a new earring design ( Couldn't help myself ). Thoughts about the new earrings, are they gonna make it all the way to houseofhennie.com?





April 12, 2018No Comments

Two things I wish to carry this summer

Ark bamboo bag from Cult Gaia and Gucci hair slide all from Net-a-Porter.

I blame it on Net-a-Porter. Every time I scroll through their site I find things I then think I can't live without ( I obviously can live without them but you get the idea).

First of all the Ark bamboo bag from Cult Gaia, I thought I would get tired of it since everyone seems to own one, but no, I just make me want one more apparently.

The Gucci hair slide, what can I say, imagine sunkissed salty holiday hair with this little beauty on top. Perfection.

A girl can dream no?

Find everything at Net-a-Porter, bag HERE hair slide HERE


April 8, 2018No Comments

Moving and new shopping rules

Wearing Vans, denim from Mango and top from And Other Stories in the middle of the moving chaos.

Moving house is both exciting and exhausting (the answer is coffee).  Even if I don't consider myself a hoarder I still need to be a person who lives with less. So my rule to myself now is before buying anything asking myself the very simple question: Will you love it in 6 months time? Now I already am a person who invests in quality and classic pieces and I really do think an extra time before purchasing. But every now and then I slip too and I end up buying a trend piece that I wear once or twice.

It really is a bit like therapy sorting out your stuff and it makes you think about consumption, so in the end, I guess its a good thing!


Denim / Mango, Top / Stories, Sneakers / Vans




March 29, 2018No Comments

Lavender and chopped hair

My new short hair and my new lilac and lavender top from Acne Studios.

Every now and then I drastically decide to chop my hair off. It feels great, well at least until the moment I decide that I will grow it long again. Trust me I will happen. But for now, I'm more than happy with my new hair!

So lavender/ lilac are supposed to be really in this season, I like it but in an OK dose, I'm not planning to overdo lilac. In fact, this top might be the only piece of that color I will purchase. I think. Let's see.

That's all from me for now.

Top from Acne Studios HERE


March 19, 2018No Comments

Here comes the sun?

Spring come soon so I can wear my super cool glasses...

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March 10, 20182 Comments

Voulez vous un trench coat?

I managed to find the best trench coat on the high street right now, guess from where?

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When there just isn’t enough time

But still enough time to dream about holiday outfits obviously.

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February 18, 2018No Comments

Georgia Tal’s blue walls

Only read this if you are ready to paint your walls.

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February 14, 20181 Comment

My favorite color is red

Cause we all sometimes need a bit of color.

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