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Today I'm obsessing over, the Celine SS11 look that I still would like to get my hands on, House of Dagmar's perfect swimsuit ( with the pool too thx ) and art stacked together on the floor casually leaning against a wall ( picture from @thefashionmedley )

What are you dreaming about? Hit me!




Psst! Best tip to manage a bad hairday

It's spelled hair clips. Saves any bad hair day, especially if they are cute like the ones in the picture above that I got from Accessorize the other day.  I kinda feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (google it to see what I'm talking about) when I wear them and that' s not a bad look to go for at all!



Hiya I’m back

Todys outfit wearing blazer from whyred, tee and denim from COS, shoes from And Other Stories and pearl necklace from House of Hennie.

I'm back. I think I needed a break, I needed time to settle in in my new home (that is amazing FYI ) and most of all I needed time to feel inspired again. I kind I felt like I was going in a direction that wasn't really me. When you create it's very hard not to lose track and stay true to your style and most importantly not get lost looking too much to others. I meet this woman last week and she really made me realize the thing I'm writing here. She follows her own voice and always manage to stay true to her style. So here is for new beginnings and more of Me, the real me.







New Hair and about making that extra effort

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Lately, I have been kinda lazy when it comes to myself, sure I still put on makeup and brush my hair, but I didn't do that extra push I normally do. That extra push that makes all the difference.

The reason has been many and it's been quite a stressful last six months, and now I've decided to change that. I invested in new makeup, started wearing both mascara and eyeshadow ( !!! ) and my plan is to start to properly style my hair. I want wawes just like Anine Bing (the dream) so my hairdresser told me that to get that I have to cut layers, said and done, this is the result. I freakin' love it. Now my only concern is; will I be able to achieve this look by myself? To be continued...




Glasses / Karen Walker and T-shirt / COS


Beach dreaming

Sandals from Sam Edelman, beach towel from Toteme and silk bag from The Row, perfect beach friends.

I'm a person who thinks about everything in the very detail. Like a beach towel, I become a bit obsessed with finding the right one for a perfect beach look. The Toteme one is definitely high up on the list, especially paired with The Row silk bag and the sandals from Sam Edelman above. Now all I need is a beach.



Sandals / Sam Edelman HERE , Bag / The Row HERE, Towel / Toteme HERE


Slides for life

Acne Studios Tessey slides, a perfect alternative to the classic Gucci ones.


Say Hello to my new slides. I have been craving the Gucci ones for a while but I must say I really love the square toes on these ones and also the fact that they are so simple without any logo or anything. Sometimes less definitely is more.

Perfect for the London weather at the moment! Get them HERE








Out and about with strawbags and baroque pearls

Wearing trench from And Other Stories, sneakers from Vans, sunglasses from Karen Walker, baroquepearl earrings from House of Hennie and straw bag from a local market.


Wearing trench from And Other Stories, sneakers from Vans, sunglasses from Karen Walker, baroquepearl earrings from House of Hennie and straw bag from a local market.

This is how I looked the other day, I know it might not be the classic straw bag weather, but I kinda like the idea to pair it with a look that says less "summer holiday".

I'm also in love with the new baroque earring from House of Hennie, honestly, with a good pair of statement earing you hardly need anything else, I'm not even wearing makeup in this pic.

Spring isn't it just magic?!


Sneaker / Vans, Trench / And Other Stories, Straw Bag / Market found, Sunnies / Karen Walker, Earrings / House of Hennie HERE



A well needed pause and a new earring design

Baroque pearl earrings from House of Hennie and Porter magazine.


Yesterday I spent almost my entire day off in bed. For me it's a very unusual thing to do, but for various reason, I really needed a break. I listened to podcasts and read Porter magazine. I still felt that my to-do list was staring at me, but I kept telling myself that it was nothing that couldn't wait until the next day. I really need to practice on how to relax and let go. How do you do to unwind? Give me some tips.

I still managed to combine a new earring design ( Couldn't help myself ). Thoughts about the new earrings, are they gonna make it all the way to houseofhennie.com?






Two things I wish to carry this summer

Ark bamboo bag from Cult Gaia and Gucci hair slide all from Net-a-Porter.

I blame it on Net-a-Porter. Every time I scroll through their site I find things I then think I can't live without ( I obviously can live without them but you get the idea).

First of all the Ark bamboo bag from Cult Gaia, I thought I would get tired of it since everyone seems to own one, but no, I just make me want one more apparently.

The Gucci hair slide, what can I say, imagine sunkissed salty holiday hair with this little beauty on top. Perfection.

A girl can dream no?

Find everything at Net-a-Porter, bag HERE hair slide HERE



Moving and new shopping rules

Wearing Vans, denim from Mango and top from And Other Stories in the middle of the moving chaos.

Moving house is both exciting and exhausting (the answer is coffee).  Even if I don't consider myself a hoarder I still need to be a person who lives with less. So my rule to myself now is before buying anything asking myself the very simple question: Will you love it in 6 months time? Now I already am a person who invests in quality and classic pieces and I really do think an extra time before purchasing. But every now and then I slip too and I end up buying a trend piece that I wear once or twice.

It really is a bit like therapy sorting out your stuff and it makes you think about consumption, so in the end, I guess its a good thing!


Denim / Mango, Top / Stories, Sneakers / Vans