No Ordinary Suit SS17 photoshoot video

A few days ago I was styling the Spring/Summer collection for No Ordinary Suit, and here is a little teaser of what will be coming up on the shop soon. I can’t really explain how happy it makes me to see your vision become realized, it’s something magic when you see a result of a great teamwork. And it sure helps that Paddy, our photographer also is a master of filming and editing videos. This clip makes me want spring now!

And let’s talk about the collection! I love it all, I already put my hand on one piece already. Can you guess which one?


My latest obsessions in store right now.


I know that my blog really hasn’t bloomed lately, but recently so many things have been happening work wise that my blog kind of has been caught in between. To sum it up there has been shoot prepping, interviews, new projects who needs time and in between that my blog. All fun stuff so I’m not complaining though!

Anyway, when browsing online for a shoot I did find some goodies I wanted to tip about.

  1. Pink printed shirt. The color pink I just can’t get enough of it and I’m loving the fact that it’s made of silk. Get it HERE
  2. I just love a printed tee, and especially the typo of this one. Get it HERE
  3. The perfect denim colored mom jeans. Get them HERE
  4. Probably the perfect heeled everyday boots. Anine sure knows how to create those everyday pieces! Get them HERE


No Ordinary Suit’s sales video AW16

Right now I’m prepping our seasonal shoot for No Ordinary Suit, I can’t wait since it’s always so much fun! Here is a video of our last shoot for AW16 that I styled. There is something special with a video isn’t it? You can see the movement in the clothes in a way you can’t with a still photo, I love it!

Styling/ Me, Photo and editing/Paddy BallsHair and Makeup/ Kate O’Shea, Model/ Leva Gasytè shot at the Lemonade Factory 

See you on Monday guys!

There is still a few goodies left in the shop, Go Go Go HERE!


Earrings, green marble and thoughts about Primark


Let’s talk about Primark, I don’t very often visit their store but I happened to be there the other whilst picking pieces for a shoot. I must say that this time I was happily surprised, there is some good stuff there (for a very good price!). Not only did I find good pieces for the shoot but I also stumbled upon those earrings on the picture above and for two pounds (!?). I really couldn’t resist them. Go to Primark folks!


Earrings/ Primark

Marble Tray/ Flying Tiger Copenhagen


Recap of the week- Lipstick, basics and new collections

Sorry for my radio silence lately, but I have been a busy bee with various projects, I will get better in blogging! I thought I at least will share some highlights of the week.

thisweek1. I’m drinking coffee, a lot of coffee. Last week when I had a cup I realized London really turned me into a lipstick girl. The evidence is on the coffee cup, first time this happens to me.

2. I’m going back to basic when it comes to dressing, a white shirt and jeans (and a gold belt of course ) makes me feel more fashion than ever. This was taken before meeting a client for a personal styling session.

3. Spring and summer collection has landed in store and I can’t wait for bare legs and floaty pieces. Currently very obsessed with the Swedish brand Rodebjer SS17 collection…

Enjoy your Sunday!


Next Summer17 collection – Press day

The other day I attended the Next press day for their summer collection who will land in stores the first week of March. As always Next manage to deliver, this time I was slightly more drawn to the shoe collection rather than the ready to wear. I think mostly due to the fact that the shoes were smashing and I can’t get enough of a good pair of shoe. But it may also be because I have recently been dressing quite basic and instead put the power in the styling by pairing the look with an interesting shoe!

Enough talking and let me walk you through my favorites.


Red suede stilettos with ruffles, I want, No sorry I need!!!


Burgundy suede and more ruffles. Yes!


Pink heeled mules. They got all things right.


Rock tee, I always need a good rock tee in my life. Always.


I wouldn’t say no to those wide legged white jeans on a summer day. Styled with one of the shoes above.


Last but not least, my favorite from Next home departure, a pink neon sign saying Hola. I don’t think anyone understands how badly I need this in my home, it is by far the coolest home decor I have seen in a while. Need!!


Can’t wait for the summer collection to hit the stores, until then check out more things from Next HERE.

Thanks for having me Next!


Things I don’t need (but desperately want) from The Outnet


One of my favorite sites to go to when I’m in need for some inspiration and in a buying mood is The Outnet. I think it has to do with the fact that you never know what you end up finding there, to a better price of course which makes the experience even better.

Those three items above is nothing I need, but for some reason I still really want them. A PINK SOFT BRA with lips on, Yes yes yes. An IPHONE CASE FROM MOSCHINO, very big and probably won’t fit in my pocket, but Hey at least I won’t loose my phone, and I must look really cool whilst using it. A CRYSTAL GOLDRING, I can’t get enough of crystals, the joy to have it wrapped around your finger all day every day!!

Let’s see if I can resist them or not…


Casual Monday’s @ the NoOrdinarySuit Headoffice

marantIt’s a nice thing that I can dress casually in the office on Monday’s, I’m aware that it is Friday today but I haven’t had a chance to post this outfit until now. Very busy week with a trip to Paris squeezed in in the middle of the week.

Anyway, I really do love my new ripped Levis ReDone and if I could I would never take them off.  I also found my old Isabel Marant tee in my wardrobe in which I am falling in love with it again. Linen tees are the best! And of course my Acne Pistol boots, what can a say? A true classic!



Denim/ Levi’s Redone

Tee/ Isabel Marant Etoile

Boots/ Acne Studios (HERE)

Styling tips and trix – Put a scarf on it


In cold times like this when you seem to constantly have a sore throat and when one simple scarf isn’t enough I tend to double up on the scarf business. Like this bandana that I bought back in Paris when I used to live there, I wear it inside just to keep my neck warm. And let’s not lie it look pretty nice too, that little touch of color against the black. Win win!

Bandana Scarf / Vintage

Knit/ Uniqlo 

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