Chunky knit and a plant





Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week, the preasure is off and thats probably why they end up beeing just prefect. A few Sundays ago I went to Columbia street flower market here in London on a mission to find a plant called Monstera Deliciosa. I have been wanting this plant for so long, so you can imagne the joy when you find it for only 8 pound!

My absolute favorite piece in the wardrobe right now is this chunky knit from Acne Studios, it is perfect. I love that the sleevs are really really long and that it has this kind of round shape in the back, perfection!

And yeah can we talk about the pink doors? How cute?

Knit/ Acne Studios , Denim/ Zara, Shoes/Office 

new times



Welcome to my new blog! Not so much different from the last one, just way better looking and more updates. Since we last meet I also got myself a new scarf, coat and shoes, ready for my first winter in London! I think this is probably how you will find me dress this season, cause let’s be honest when it gets cold basics is your best friends.

And yeah I also decided to get a fringe…


Coat/Uniqlo Shoes and scarf/Acne Studios Denim/Cheap Monday

Notting Hill, basics and a bike


There is a few pieces that I would wear everyday if I could, I managed to wear them all at once a Sunday in Notting Hill. Let me walk you through my basics.

My teddy jacket from Pull and Bear, soft, cosy, warm, stylish and not very expensive.


My V-neck cashmere jumper from H&M. A classic piece that goes with everything.


Black leather tote from Jigsaw, I bring my entire life in it.


My beloved Stan Smith that makes me feel like I am walking on clouds.


Well this is just a bike, not mine, but I wish. A nice ending to this post and walk.

Wardrobe basics



So after a week filled with work during London fashion week, a cold and a visit I can finally say that I am back in business. During this little break the season managed to change, and it is officially autumn here in London.

So one of my goals is to build that basic wardrobe of mine, it might sound boring but the fact is that I am a jeans t-shirt boots kind of girl. Not in the boring way, but I prefer to put my effort in to the daily look rather then to the rare occasions. So I thought that I would share my so far bets bits of my closet, to maybe inspire you to some pieces you might be missing.

Everybody who owns a pair of jeans should own a jeans shirt. Wear it open with a t-shirt underneath, wear it as a Jacket  over a dress during summer, or closed over a pair of jeans, or with a cardigan on top during winter. The choices are endless. It is definitely one of my best everyday pieces from my wardrobe. This one is from Zara and its made from 100 % cotton, which is for me important cause the skin can breath in it. In this case you don’t have to go for the pricey ones, just make sure the fit is good and that it is made from a good material.

So long!

Denim shirt/Zara, Brass hanger/Hay



I truly do love my Moschino gold belt that I bought in Paris a while ago, but for some weird reason it ends up staying more on my shelf then styled on me. I does look good on the shelf as well so I’m not complaining but I think I just need some ideas how to style it when not wearing a dress. Maybe with a oversized white shirt? I will keep you posted…

Kitten heels



A pair of heels sure can make magic and spice up any outfit. I got this velvet kitten heels from Zara last year, and the great thing about them is, they are kitten heels witch means that you can actually walk in them an entire day and that they kind of have this open toe shape in the front, witch just makes them more interesting and less boring.


Denim and shoes/Zara, Carpet/Ikea

My every day bag




I love this everyday bag from Zara. It has he perfect size, enough to fit notebooks and cameras but not to big and uncomfortably. I love that it has this old school shape that makes you keep your stuff organized (cause I am an expert in having an unorganized bag). And what about the little closing detail? So nice. I choose to pimp it up with my vintage bandana scarf but it looks just as good without it.  Happy Monday folks!

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