I love a good old casual look. You know, your “safe-card” when you have nothing to wear? My vintage Levis 501 is one of my wardrobe staples, they have saved me many times from an outfit crisis. Today a paired them up with one my favorite shoes and my new bought fishnet stocking ( I simply can’t get … Continue Reading

Yes, I’m obsessed with my sheepskin fur jacket hence why it appears in every outfit post lately (One other important point is that it’s so bloody cold right now so it’s actually the only jacket that keeps me warm). Anyway, let’s talk socks. This time they are not glittery as in previous posts but the good old classic fishnet sock. Spice … Continue Reading

One of my best tips when you either just have a bad hair day or don’t have time to wash it is to simply put it in a bun, and to add some smashing earrings. I promise you that first of all no one can tell that your hair isn’t in its best condition and second, everyone … Continue Reading

So last week I did a speed holiday to South of France (Yes I tend to hang out quite a lot there). This time i meet up with my mom and sister. The sun was shining on us and although it was only for two days (including flights) it almost felt longer due to all … Continue Reading