Red lips, hoodie and denim







redlips7I have found two new loves. Red lips and hoodies. Preferably combined. It gives you the perfect casual meets chic kind-of-look. And yes, I love my heel loafers! I profit every moment to walk in open shoes before the season change and you have to cover every little piece of skin showing. The jeans are perfect, they might not be from the brand Vetements but they are pretty smashing anyway!

Now let’s get this week started!


Photographer: Maryam Samar

Hoodie/ Acne Studios

Jeans/H&M  (klick)

Shoes/Next (klick)

Lipstick/ Next (klick)

Today’s streetstyle – Laura in Dries Van Noten



lauradriesshoesfrontI’m gonna be quite honest, I’m not your Dries van Noten kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a fabulous and very creative brand and when I  look through the collections I really see art, but it just doesn’t  happened very often that I think “I want to wear this”.

Meet Laura, she is one of those who can really pull of the brand. She has the sense of style to mix his pieces up without it looking to much despite all the patterns and details each piece carry. She really inspires me, and I love people who has their style and stick to it. In some things we agree in some things don’t when it comes to fashion. I would for example never have the idea of styling what she is wearing on the picturs above. When I saw her wearing it I thought to myself, WOW, she really has style, so I forced her out in the rain and snapped some photos! I thought it could be nice for a change to show someone else then me on the blog.


Todays tip, if you dont have a belt put a tie on it!

Belt/ Dries Van Noten

Trousers/ Dries Van Noten

Brogues/ Dries Van Noten ( I have to admit, the snake-skin makes them fabulous)

Coat/ Isabel Marant Etoile

Denim and boots – Outfit



storiesbootsdenimLet’s talk boots and jeans, together, and how when having the perfect ones they seem to make magic together. Boots and jeans is probably one of the most worn outfit combination ever, and I really get it because you never get bored of it and you can wear it to almost any occasion.

I have found my perfect match as you can see on the pictures above, my Patti jeans from Acne Studios (high wasted, cropped and not to skinny) and my boots from And Other Stories (comfy as they only have a kitten heel and with a pointy shape). I’m wearing it with a cardigan and tee above, but you can really pull off any sort of top with it, shirt, blouse, blazer, you get it, ANYTHING! I promise.



 Jeans/ Acne Studios style Patti

Boots/ And Other Stories

T-shirt/ Acne Studios

Cardigan /Acne Studios

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