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Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love interior deco. Right now I'm drawn to leather, rattan, wood, the color white and plants. Very nature close colors and harmonic. If you think about it really doesn't have to be that expensive to reach this type of home, most high street decor brands have products that will work well if you want to achieve this styling. Just check my favorites below and let's be honest a green plant doesn't cost a fortune either! Anyone who has more suggestions?

Happy Monday!


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All photos found on Instagram


Saved on Instagram – Some Monday inspiration


I love Instagram, that is just they way it is. I also love the fact that Instagram now allows you to save photos in a folder, perfect for an Instagram addict as myself who is constantly looking for inspiration. My last photos saved in my folder are the one above, a mix of fashion, decoration and art, just they way I like it.

Starting from top left, The stylist @linnhagglund apartment, My newfound Instagram obsession @mahyunmi style, my idol @irinalakicevic and her style, one of my favorite fashion brands @therow showing art (Man Ray; Needle and Thread, 1965)  and the brand @toteme headquarters in Stockholm.

A little bit of Monday inspiration!




My relaxing space and my Maison Popineau pillow


Welcome to my space, yes I have created a little space at home where I hang out. This is where I read my book and just relax. I think if you are busy and working a lot, it's important to slow down every now and then, for me it works to have a specific place in the house for that actual slowing down process.

I got THIS PILLOW  that I absolutely love from Maison Popineau It just brings some extra coziness to the space and also some color and character. One other extra plus is the fact that the pillow is made from feather filling, so not one of that synthetic pillow that will lose their shape within a week, and the pillowcase itself is made from cotton and silk patches all sewn together. A real quality pillow that is! Oh, and let's not forget the fact that is made in France and is eco-friendly, Win win win!


The colors are from the french flag, and since I used to be Parisian I thought I would bring some french character into my London home.

Check out some more of my favorite pillows from the brand below. Should a get a pink one next time or the one with a lightning?? Decisions decisions...


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Welcome to my home – Interview at Londonswedes.com


When Londonswedes.com asked me to be part of their "Home at" series, where they interview various Swedes in London and photograph them in their home, I couldn't say no. In the interview I talk about my jobs in fashion, what I would do if I didn't work in fashion, the best things about London and many many more things you guys didn't know about me.

Londonswedes is such a great community for us Swedes, you can find information on their site about anything from job offers, how Brexit affects us, apartments for rent and where you can find the best cinnamon bun in town ( Yes we swedes care about our cinnamon buns). Sometimes being a foreigner can be hard as you are used to your own countries rules, regulations and culture and it can be tricky to go about certain things, so it's so good to have those kinds of sites!

Thank you Londonswedes for having me!


( It's in Swedish but Hey you can always google translate it and check out more pictures from my home)



Next Summer17 collection – Press day

The other day I attended the Next press day for their summer collection who will land in stores the first week of March. As always Next manage to deliver, this time I was slightly more drawn to the shoe collection rather than the ready to wear. I think mostly due to the fact that the shoes were smashing and I can't get enough of a good pair of shoe. But it may also be because I have recently been dressing quite basic and instead put the power in the styling by pairing the look with an interesting shoe!

Enough talking and let me walk you through my favorites.


Red suede stilettos with ruffles, I want, No sorry I need!!!


Burgundy suede and more ruffles. Yes!


Pink heeled mules. They got all things right.


Rock tee, I always need a good rock tee in my life. Always.


I wouldn't say no to those wide legged white jeans on a summer day. Styled with one of the shoes above.


Last but not least, my favorite from Next home departure, a pink neon sign saying Hola. I don't think anyone understands how badly I need this in my home, it is by far the coolest home decor I have seen in a while. Need!!


Can't wait for the summer collection to hit the stores, until then check out more things from Next HERE.

Thanks for having me Next!



I have this thing for wooden floors


I have this thing for wooden floors or white wooden floor to be precise. I have been dreaming about it for the last couple of years now, there is something so clean and fresh that comes with it. It's like a white canvas where if you add a colorful carpet the colors just pop in a way they wouldn't have if it was a darker floor. Sometimes it makes me laugh how I'm so Scandinavian I actually am. You can take the Scandi-girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the Scandi-girl, or something like that...

Also can we talk about how addictive Pinterest actually is? Follow me and my boards on Pinterest HERE

Photos: Pinterest


Interior deco on my mind for the livingroom

I always had a thing for interior deco, it's definitely my second love after fashion. Recently deco has been taking over my mind, has it to do with the fact that it's winter time maybe and all you want to do is to stay home? I don't know the reason but this is what I dreaming  of right now. I thought I give you my three tips for a nicely decorated living room. Here we go!

Brass palm lamp


First of all brass in one of my favorite metals today when it comes to deco, and palm trees are, well simply just amazing. So the combination of a brass and palm tree that is turned into to a lamp can't really go wrong. It's useful (There can never be enough lights) and so beautiful at the same time. Better than a piece of art I would say.

Colorful sofas


Sure a classic gray, navy or white colored sofa is nice indeed, but lately, I explored the beauty of having colorful sofa in the house. Suddenly the sofa isn't just a part of your decoration but instead the center of attention. Considering how big place they normally take it's only natural that they shine no? Go colorful in your sofa I would say.

Bookshelf wall


I love books and naturally, I love bookshelves. To have a bookshelf big enough to cover an entire wall with room enough to not just put books there but art, plants, ornaments and photos is just one of my life goals really. So inspirational to look at that every day.

All pictures are taken from Pinterest, please follow me there for more inspiration HERE



Kenzo for H&M – The silk pyjama pants




I wasn't too excited about the Kenzo/H&M collaboration to be honest.  It was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't a lot of pieces that made my heart take an extra beat. Except for one thing; The silk pyjama trousers! Imagine my joy when I realized that the were minus  20 % off on Black Friday, and that they had my size left. I had to do it, a true hallelujah moment!

I kind of wish I had gotten the shirt (KLICK) that goes with for a complete pyjama look. Should I?


Trousers/ Kenzo for H&M (KLICK)

Knit/ Hope Stockholm (KLICK)

Boots/ AndOtherStories


Welcome to my dream walk-in-closet


When it comes to clothes and style a good wardrobe is just as important as the actual clothes in order to maintain a good style. Why one might wonder? Well, it's actually quite simple when you think of it. If you can't see what you own you don't know that you have it in your closet. If you have a good overview it's easier to get inspired and know what to wear that day.  I don't always practice as I preach I have to admit, but my excuse is that London apartments doesn't always have space for a walk-in-closet to be honest. But a girl can dream no? Follow me to my dream closet...


As much as I want an organized wardrobe it needs to be alive as well. Let me explain; If it's too monochrome or stiff it doesn't inspire me, I need to see some colors and preferably all blend together as on the picture above. This will then give me ideas of how to mix two colors together that I wouldn't have thought of unless they hanged side by side. I need a little bit of organized chaos to spark my ideas.


Another essential thing for my dream wardrobe is a table in the middle. Like this on the picture above,  I can then keep fresh flowers, jewelry boxes, perfume, scented candles and of course my coffee cup in the morning on the table. There need to be a table, It's as simple as that!


Last but not least, I want oriental carpets in my walk -in and either a sofa or an armchair. Let's face is, the wardrobe should be my happy place and it should be cozy and relaxed so somewhere to sit to gather my thoughts is a must and a carpet, of course, to make it relaxed. Again I would go for a colorful carpet to add that extra something in the room and make it more inspiring.

But even if you tick off all the boxes above in what to have, you have to complete one final task to get that dream wardrobe. CLEAN! That's one thing that I'm quite good at and I have no problem getting rid of clothes and shoes I don't wear or love anymore. Let's be honest, you can't achieve your dream wardrobe if it's not organized and filled with pieces you love. You want to be able to walk in there and feel that you adore every piece and would wear it in a secund (If the occasion is right of course). I try to not to put emotional value in the clothes because that's a trap. You need to get rid of some pieces in order to move on and change and experiment with your style.

But do not worry, I have a gift for you if you are one of those who find it hard to let go of clothes and shoes. MakeSpace.com have put together this chart in order to help you make the right decision, you will end up either keeping, storing, donate/sell or trash/recycle your item. Simply brilliant! MakeSpace is a self-storage service that comes to your place and picks up your stuff, takes it to their storage facility, and brings it back to you whenever you want! Through the use of their app, they can bring you whatever items you want out of storage, whenever! They have several self-storage locations throughout the United States with plans to expand. What are you waiting for? Take the first step to your dream wardrobe.


Tell me what's your dream wardrobe??


Pics from Pinterest and Makespace.com


Are you shopping any of this on Black Friday?


So black Friday is here again. This time I quickly scanned the market to see what I wish for right now and things I wold actually use and not just because there is discount and it's cheap ( Do not get fooled by this my friends). This is my favorites so far...

Cactus vase / I don't even know if I have to add anything to this one, EVERYBODY needs a cactus vase in their house. It's as simple as that. This one can be yours for only 21 pounds just make sure you add the code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out.

Ring /The perfect cocktail ring from Dyrberg and Kern (Go Danish design!). For the amazing price of 55  pounds!!

Bracelet /I adore when designers take something old and ancient and remake a newer version of it. Bracelet with pendants coin is simple but so classic and beautiful. This baby can be yours for only 25 pounds. No kidding.

Rotting armchair /For some reason I have become obsessed with chairs (or any other deco pieces for that matter ) in the material rotting. So retro yet so minimalistic and modern. Love. This one can be yours for only 87 pounds just make sure you add the code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out.