Hi my name is double denim

Very few looks beat a good old double denim. I feel like you can't go wrong with this concept. Summer is almost over, and I'm very excited to wear chunky knits again and trench, god I missed my trenchcoat. Just one more summer holiday in Turkey left and then I'm ready for AW fashion!

Jeans/ Acne Studios, Denim jacket/ Frame, Bag/ APC, T-shirt/ COS, Earrings/ House of Hennie


Sjoskin – The new beauty brand

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Everyone who follows me knows about my love for organic skincare, so when Jenny founder of the new Swedish skincare brand Sjöskin approached and told me about her new product I was eager to try it, to say the least! And yes, the result is just as good as you can imagine, my skin felt fresh, clean and silky smooth after masking due to the little seeds in the mask that you can rub before washing the mask off. I was so curious to find out more about this amazing product so I did I two question interview to find out more.
What differentiate you from other masks?
We really believe in the simplicity and power of nature. We don’t think there is a need for 50 ingredients in one product. For us, every single ingredient has a purpose and is carefully selected and sourced of the highest quality. We really just wanted to create a hero product and do it really well in all aspects. We’ve put thought into everything from our packaging down to our ingredients. We also wanted to give back so we donate 10% of profits to causes that save the bees.
What’s next for SJÖ SKIN?
We have been live for only 3 weeks but have already seen incredible response to our Happy Honey Mask so we are working on developing 2 more products for our range. This will be a serum and a face mist- we are currently asking our community on Instagram what they would like to see in terms of ingredients and packaging. It’s just so incredibly exciting that we are blowing up and seeing the results of our hard work.
Head over to read more about the ingredients, their story and of course to shop the mask at sjoskin.com (KLICK)
Good Luck Jenny and can’t wait to see more from Sjöskin!



What’s in my bag?

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What's in my bag? Glad that you asked, amongst other things it's THIS killer suit. I have a feeling it's gonna be my to-go when I have a party to go to but doesn't feel like wearing a dress. I might not be the most objective one when it comes to this brand, as I do work for them, but in all honestly Acne Studios always deliver, season after season! And the shoes? Yes, my Manolo Blahnik is still waiting to be worn on that special occasion, any events or party coming up, hit me!?





When your phone also becomes your accessories

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Let's face it, we don't leave our phone out of sight, ever, and we do carry it around all the time. I always felt that phones didn't really reflect my personality and were quite ugly, to be honest. But not anymore, my phone has now a beautiful case in a tanned leather and melts in my surroundings as you can see in the picture above. Grab your own one from the Swedish company Holdit HERE, and if this is not right for you to scroll down and check out all their other amazing designs at Holdit.com





Tee’s and leather

I really am a person who feels the most comfortable and myself in a good tee. Here paired with baggy leather trousers with a drawstring, (best idea ever??). And red heels, to spice it up a bit, always.

Over and out. xx

TROUSERS / J. Lindeberg, T-SHIRT/ Agoldie, SHOES / Next


Something from my mama

In this day and age where we constantly are caught up in consumerism, it's nice to fill your home with objects that have a deeper meaning than just being pretty.

Ever since I remember my mum had the bowl with the two stone eggs in her living room that I wasn't allowed to play with as a kid but was always very fascinated by the look of them. I still think they are so beautiful and was very happy when my mum decided to gift them to me. Now they are sitting on my coffee table reminding me of my mum and how something so simple as an egg shape can be so beautiful.

Thank you Mum!



The circle of clothes

Wearing blazer from Isabel Marant, sunglasses from Karen Walker, denim from Mango and sandals from Sam Edelman.


I have a new favorite piece in my wardrobe, my Isabel Marant blazer. The best thing about this particular blazer is that I got it from my friend Helena (founder of Noordinarysuit), She hadn't used it for years and knew l liked it and kindly let me inherit (Thank you H !)  I absolutely love when fashion has a long life like in this case the blazer.  Before moving houses I also gave away clothes, shoes, and bags I no longer used and it really made me happy to see how excited someone else got for them.

This makes me wanna organize an exchange day where friends bring stuff they don't longer want and exchange it for something else. Sustainable indeed!





Sneakers and Silk

My favorite combo is to mix something casual like a sneaker with something luxury like in this case silk, there is something magical happening when those to worlds meet, don't you agree?

I'm feeling quite inspired lately, maybe it's the sun here in London, the fact that I had a new start here on the blog or I am simply just having a good flow? Who knows, I'm just gonna enjoy this ride!



Current Mood

Today I'm obsessing over, the Celine SS11 look that I still would like to get my hands on, House of Dagmar's perfect swimsuit ( with the pool too thx ) and art stacked together on the floor casually leaning against a wall ( picture from @thefashionmedley )

What are you dreaming about? Hit me!




Psst! Best tip to manage a bad hairday

It's spelled hair clips. Saves any bad hair day, especially if they are cute like the ones in the picture above that I got from Accessorize the other day.  I kinda feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (google it to see what I'm talking about) when I wear them and that' s not a bad look to go for at all!