New me – A beauty routine

It's not New Years yet, but I already started my new challenge or let's call it; promise to myself. Lately, I fell in love with beauty again. For the last week, I listen to at least one episode per day of The Beuty Routine podcast with Emma Unckel and Frida Fahrman ( in Swedish though so sorry to all non-Swedish speaking readers) and I love their funny and relaxed approach to beauty. I also listened to some old interviews from Style by Beauty podcast where they interviewed stylist Columbine Smille and designer Elin Kling and after this, I realized I need to get my beauty routine together.

Elin Kling describes it that if she has her beauty routine together and doesn't have to make choices in the morning this simplifies her life since she already has other things to focus about, she describes the same thing with her wardrobe how fewer choices are good for her. Columbine, on the other hand, means that since she constantly in her line of work have to dress other people and create she prefers to both keeping it simple when it comes to dressing and in her beauty routine.

I can so relate to this, and I am to be honest tired of having too many beauty products and clothes. So new me. My new mission is to find my "hero products", you know the ones you keep going back to and that never disappoints. So this is my new little beauty tryout/finding my heroes thread.

First out it THE lip balm, and trust me I've tried them all, but this one will not leave my side. I blame (or should I say thank?) this new obsession on my friend Kamilla, after seeing it on her and tried it myself since she so nicely managed to get me a sample. Now I'm hooked and By Terry Baume The Rose will probably forever be on lips. It's hard to explain how good it is you simply have to take my word for it! Get it HERE



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Deco desires

Littery all I want to do is to cuddle up at home with a lit candle and a book. I wouldn't mind doing it in this dreamy armchair on sale right now from Cult Furniture HERE, with the amazing coffee table from West Elm HERE. The book is already in my possessions but I love it so much so its worth mention again and you can order it HERE, and my long time wanted candle holder from Skandium HERE, the best thing about this is that you buy each 3-piece candle holder separately and build them as you want depending on how many you have. Genius!



The white tee

What is is about a simple white tee that gets me so excited? Is it the fact that it literally goes with everything? Maybe.

I normally go for a classic all white one, but now I’m very excited with my new Paloma Wool t-shirt with this amazing print. Classic, but with a twist. Like wearing art on your clothes, who doesn’t want that?

Get it HERE


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I have this thing for vases…

I don't know how or when it started, but I have from being a person who didn't own a single vase becoming a person that can't have enough vases, yes my name is Gabriella and I'm a vase addict. I think a vase can change the feel of an entire room and add a bit of color and personality to the space. I either fill mine with fresh flowers or just use the beautiful one's empty serving as sculptures.

Here are my favorite affordable vases out on the market today.

Brown Vase / CONRAN SHOP , Grey Vase / HABITAT , Pink Vase / SKANDIUM , Green Vase / ARKET

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Can we talk about Black Friday and consumerism?

A few days ago my mailbox was spammed with Black Friday promotions and the city advertised it everywhere. I think it's human nature to see a reduction and go for it, just because it's so cheap, trust me I have been down that road before. But the honest truth is that it doesn't matter if it cost you 1 pound or 100 if you don't love it ( and I mean really love it) you are not gonna get a good CPW (cost per wear) out of it. We need to re-think how we consume, big time, gone are the days when we can buy something cheap wear it once and throw away. We need to treat clothes like the older generation did, repair, learn how to take care and buy something you will love 10 years down the line ( and if not, buy something worth re-selling). My dad would polish and take care of his boots, repair his socks and use his old t-shirt as cleaning cloth, maybe not so fashionable but eco-friendly and economical indeed.

I'm not against black Friday or any kind of promotion, as long as you buy something you really love and not get blinded by the orange signs or what the price was before. Shop, but don't lose your mind!

On the picture above you find one of my best bargains ever, a pair of Manolo Blahnik mules, for the price point of a pair of "normal shoes", and I know I will wear and keep them forever and ever.





Just wanted to let you all know, that I'm still very much here. Just a bit busy right now working on my new collection for my jewelry brand and I can't wait to show it all, here is a sneak peek. It's really time-consuming creating something, you go through mistakes, ideas that don't work at as well in reality and pieces that seem easy to make just takes hours more than expected, but that is also the beauty of it all I suppose? Well, I'm almost there so stay tuned!

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Back to interiors

I go through phases what inspires me at the moment, or should I say what I'm obsessing over at the moment. For the last couple of weeks, it's been all about jewelry since I'm creating my first real collection for my jewelry brand G Lundgren. As I'm now finishing it off and pretty much have the idea set, I find myself moving over to interior again. Is it the weather maybe? All I want to do is to create a nice nest.

So far our dining room area looks like this...need some art up on the wall and a nice rug. Slowly slowly, just the way I like it. Never stress interior and live in the space first, my tip for today!



Vase/ Liberty London, Table/ Made, Chairs/ Cult Furniture


Beige mood

Funny enough even if it's autumn weather here in London all I want to do is wear white and beige. Here are two pieces I wouldn't mind. And I'm also obsessed with this flower, it will look pretty good in a vase on our dining table. And it has the beautiful name Anthurium Attraction.


Ballerina / COS (here) Denim / And Other Stories (here)


Phoebe Philo

I like many other Céline fantast knows that now that Phoebe Philo stepped down as the Creative Director, and end of an era has come and the brand will not be the same again. Sadly. The more I google this woman the more I want to be like her. I mean she has this sense of style like no other. Wow wow wow.



Sometimes we just need some shells

My pearl addiction for my jewellery brand House of Hennie has now turn into a shell addiction too. Can't get enough of those Cowrie Shells.

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Lots of love G