New makeup favorite

I’ve never been a big makeup person, but if you are looking for a natural look ( like I’m always aiming for ). I would really recommend this tinted moisturizer from LAURA MERCIER. It just makes your skin looks smooth and glowy with the right amount of coverage cause I can’t stand a thick foundation that doesn’t let your skin breath! And it has SPF 20, so win-win for everyone!

Get it HERE



Psst! Best tip to manage a bad hairday

It's spelled hair clips. Saves any bad hair day, especially if they are cute like the ones in the picture above that I got from Accessorize the other day.  I kinda feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (google it to see what I'm talking about) when I wear them and that' s not a bad look to go for at all!



New Hair and about making that extra effort

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Meet my new wavy hair and sunglasses from Karen Walker.

Lately, I have been kinda lazy when it comes to myself, sure I still put on makeup and brush my hair, but I didn't do that extra push I normally do. That extra push that makes all the difference.

The reason has been many and it's been quite a stressful last six months, and now I've decided to change that. I invested in new makeup, started wearing both mascara and eyeshadow ( !!! ) and my plan is to start to properly style my hair. I want wawes just like Anine Bing (the dream) so my hairdresser told me that to get that I have to cut layers, said and done, this is the result. I freakin' love it. Now my only concern is; will I be able to achieve this look by myself? To be continued...




Glasses / Karen Walker and T-shirt / COS


J’adore Dior

Dior's apricot nail cream on a silk bed from John Lewis.

So this is the cream I didn't think I ever needed, Dior's nail cream. I put the cream on my nails and cuticles before going to bed and when I wake up I have the softest cuticles and my nails feels so even and smooth. Just as smooth as the silk fabric on the photo. No joke.

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J’adore Rodin

Three new favorites, my Linda Rodin lipgloss and lipstick and my marble tray from Hay

Finally, I found a lipstick that moistures my lips and don't leave them dry. Linda Rodin sure knows her thing. Lip balm too is pretty amazing, and packaging, I do care about a nice packaging.

10 out of 10 I would say.

Get the lipstick HERE and lip balm HERE


Glossier’s pop up in London a.k.a heaven

Sorry for the radio silence here on the blog but I'm working on a project that I will reveal hopefully this week. I know it's boring with a cliffhanger but stay tuned, I'm sure you gonna like it.

Got some goodies from the Glossier pop up in London, boy brow and haloscope followed me home.

So Glossier came to London. A beauty brand I have been following for a while and couldn't wait to start trying. Not only is the packaging amazing, the branding extraordinary,  the pricepoint fantastic but the product itself are really good too. I mean what else can you ask from a brand?

Got some goodies from the Glossier pop up in London, boy brow and haloscope followed me home.

This time the Brow Boy and Haloscope highlighter followed me home and I'm already addicted. The boy brow makes my thin and unfortunately overplucked eyebrow look thicker in a smooth a natural way and the highlighter doesn't dry out the skin and leave this great shimmery effect. Win-win. I'm already thinking what to buy next (I actually have a list already what to buy. Dear Santa...)

The founder Emily Weiss herself really impresses me, imagine to build an empire like that and a new way of how to sell beauty products. Very inspiring.

Now I have to get back to my other work.



Not just a pretty face.

About a month ago I got invited to the department store Liberty beauty press day, on this day they present all the new brands and products for the season. One thing that caught my eye was the brand Lixir, yes I admit it was mainly due to the extraordinary and pretty packaging. We do love a good packaging, don't we? But this brand is more than just a pretty face (hence the title of this post) in my goodie bag the Universal Emulsion cream followed my home. Let me tell you, It is magic. I use it in the morning before applying my makeup since it's a moisturizer, night creme and serum base, all in one (!!!!).


Colette Haydon a doctor of dermo-pharmacy and founder of the brand explains that the creme isolates the skin from UV and pollution (we need this in London) and skin is left dewy (not oily ) velvety, smooth, firm, compact and plump.

Yes yes yes, to this cream, I'm a fan and now also an addict.

Get it HERE



The perfect bodymist for summer from Diptyque

dress (1 of 1)-22

If there is one thing I'm better with now than let's say ten years ago it's definitely taking care of my skin. I can admit that I'm currently slightly obsessed with finding the perfect product for my needs and I just love trying new beauty products.

dress (1 of 1)-21

So just before going on holiday to Turkey, I searched forever for a body mist without alcohol in it, why you might wonder? Well, alcohol dries out your skin especially in sun, and let's face it we still want to smell nice and fresh even when we are in the sun. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found this non-alcohol body mist that smells like heaven from my beloved brand Diptyque. A summer winner that will follow me to South of France next month.

Get your own one for summer HERE


My everyday (almost non existing ) make-up routine

My makeup must have for a natural makeup. Balm dotcom from Glossier, lipbalm from lipstickqueen, blush from Bobbi Brown, foundation primer from Laura Mercier and conceler from Ysl touche eclat.

I have never been a big makeup fan, sure I have done throughout the years the usual blush, mascara, eyeliner kinda thing, but I always been more of a skincare fan rather than covering up my face. Even times when I have got my makeup done professionally I never really felt comfortable or beautiful in it, true story. I still put a little bit on just to feel more fresh and awake when showing up at work, so I though I walk you through my favorites right now. Let's go!

bag (1 of 1)-10

I am not very dark under my eyes so YSL Touche Eclat number 1 is really perfect for me, it covers but not too much and gives a kind of see through feeling and just light up the skin slightly. A must for my sometimes tired eyes. HERE

If it's something I love on the skin then it is glow, the more the merrier. This miracle primer gives you a healthy glowy and smooth skin, perfect for me who avoids foundations. I don't use it too much during summer as the sun kissed skin already gives you a glow but during winter time this is a life saver. HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Creme blush and lip from Bobbi Brown.

I don't know what it is but I have this thing for liquid makeup, especially when it comes to blushes. I feel like a powder variant can sometimes dry out the skin while a creme one makes it look more natural and glowy (again I LOVE glow). This one does the job perfectly! HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Balm dotcom from Glossier that I use as a eye shadow for a wet look and as a highlighter on the cheek bones.

I heard a rumor that Glossier will come to London (anyone who has more info on that please comment and tell me more!?) For now you can buy this multi balm at Net-a-Porter so already that is good for us Europeans. This balm is a must. I personally use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones and as an eyeshadow when you want that dewy look, but you can use it on your lips and hands as well. HERE

My makeup routine must have for a natural makeup. Lipbalm from Lipstick Queen that last forever and give you the perfect tint and gloss for a natural look.

Last but definitely not least I finish up my makeup with this lip balm, It gives you that natural and glossy shade without being too much or too little. And it's last for a very long time compared to other balms. HERE

That was my everyday make-up, as you can see it's all very natural, just the way I like it.

If you have any questions at all feel free to comment below!




Mauli Rituals – The natural wellbeing beauty brand

Let me start by telling a story before I talk about this brand. Twelve years ago I passed one year in London working as an Aupair for a family, I spent all my free time with my dear friend Zuzana who also she worked as an Aupair. We were close like sister that year and since she lived more central I ended spending every weekend at the family she worked for so I also got to know them quite well.


Just before this last Christmas I was looking for gifts in Liberty for some friends and I picked up and bought this Himalayan bath salt, the package was so nice and I just loved everything it stood for and of course the actual product in itself ( who doesn't like natural products that makes your skin smooth and relaxed? ). A couple of months passed when I caught up with my friend Zuzana, who I hadn't seen for a very long time. We talked about our life today, and our life twelve years ago, she mentioned that the family she used to work for had started this beauty brand and showed me a picture of their products. You might guess that it was exactly that brand I bought a couple of months back, maybe a coincidence but I like to believe that it was meant to be. I think their product have something spiritual in them that made me choose them from all the couple of hundred other products in the store.


Naturally, me and Zuzana saw this as a sign and went to visit Mauli Rituals lovely founders Anita and Bittu a few weeks ago and they are just as warm and welcoming they were twelve years ago. I love when you know something more about a brand, who the founders are, what they stand for and what inspired them to start this wellbeing beauty brand. A true inspiration!

I really speak from the heart when I say that this brand has something extra, it smells like heaven and contains so many good ingredients, and most important it makes you feel so good!  The serum on the picture above made my skin softer than ever felt in my adult years, and that is quite a good achievement I must say.

Find the entire range of Mauli Rituals HERE.