Bottega Veneta

This campaign shot by Tyrone Lebon for Bottega Veneta Fall Campaign 2019 by Daniel Lee is simply too beautiful not to share. I wouldn't mind having this as a print at home, or the shoes on my feet for that matter. Stunning!



When your phone also becomes your accessories

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Let's face it, we don't leave our phone out of sight, ever, and we do carry it around all the time. I always felt that phones didn't really reflect my personality and were quite ugly, to be honest. But not anymore, my phone has now a beautiful case in a tanned leather and melts in my surroundings as you can see in the picture above. Grab your own one from the Swedish company Holdit HERE, and if this is not right for you to scroll down and check out all their other amazing designs at Holdit.com





Saved on Instagram – Some Monday inspiration


I love Instagram, that is just they way it is. I also love the fact that Instagram now allows you to save photos in a folder, perfect for an Instagram addict as myself who is constantly looking for inspiration. My last photos saved in my folder are the one above, a mix of fashion, decoration and art, just they way I like it.

Starting from top left, The stylist @linnhagglund apartment, My newfound Instagram obsession @mahyunmi style, my idol @irinalakicevic and her style, one of my favorite fashion brands @therow showing art (Man Ray; Needle and Thread, 1965)  and the brand @toteme headquarters in Stockholm.

A little bit of Monday inspiration!




My new year’s resolution for 2017

I'm not the biggest fan of new years resolution as I believe you can make goals and changes in your life any time of the year and don't have to be restricted to a specific date. Nevertheless, it's hard to not think about the changes you might want to do and goals you would like to achieve since most people around you either have a new years resolution or ask you if you have one.

I thought about it and I might have a few changes I want to make, here we go!


1. Read more books. For me, I just need to get in the habit again, it's as simple as that. On a one week holiday I can read up to four books (of course you have way more time on your hand) but in my daily life I seem to have a hard time fitting reading in. This will change, less series on Netflix and more reading in the evenings, starting with this amazing book I got on the pic above.


2. Eat healthier. I do eat quite healthy already but I have what people call a sweet tooth (thank you mom for giving me that DNA, hehe). When the afternoon tiredness hit, or after a big lunch I feel this need for something sugary. Preferably something with chocolate. As sugar is like a drug it's hard to quit the habit straight away so my master plan is to for now only eat dark chocolate covered nuts (see pic above) as a snack, and then hopefully just the nut. And yeah I bought a cooking book as well to get inspired.

Book/ The Coveteur (KLICK)

Pyjama blouse/ Ganni

Denim/ Levis Re-Done

Book/ Honestly Healthy (KLICK)

Chocolate coated nuts/ Holland and Barret (KLICK)


The Debrief Interview – The shot before that perfect Instagram shot


When I got contacted from the magazine The Debrief if I wanted to participate in an interview about everything behind that perfect Instagram shot, I couldn't say no. I think it is so important to as much as you can get inspired by Instagram to understand, and in a way see in between the lines, of what lies behind that shot. It may look like a perfect picture but in most cases there is also a lot of work behind it, and not always a picture "on-the-go" so to say.

I love Instagram and I love putting my time and effort in to inspire all my followers in fashion, styling, deco and life in general. But as I mentioned in the interview it's also a way of showcasing your work and you want your work to look good, let's not forget that! It's all about taking Instagram for what it is. For me, it's a source of inspiration and I know that most people don't really live that perfect life that they might be showing, but it's ok because I know it and I'm there to get their goodies from their life in a way. Does it make sense?

Read the full interview here, and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts around this subject! I would love to hear it.



Get to know me – 25 Questions & Answers


Today I'm gonna be busy running around in a studio styling a shoot for Noordinarysuit , So I thought since I have got some new followers lately I would do a little interview with myself in a way by responding this  formula with 25 questions I found online. Are you ready to get to know me a little bit better?? Let's go!

What is your middle name?

Hennisdotter, "Hennie" from my moms name and "dotter" from the word daughter in Swedish, so Hennies daughter if you translate.

What was your favorite subject at school?

Art and sewing classes (yes we actually have subjects like that in Sweden! ) of course!

What’s your favorite drink?

Coffee, all day every day.


What is your favorite song at the moment?

Arghh this one is a hard one, there are so many good songs out there. I always loved Cat Stevens/ Father and son, and I never get bored of it. I used to listen to a lot of music before, but I somehow lost it lately by constantly hearing music at work and living with a musician in the house so when I'm alone I enjoy the quiet moment I have. Need to find that love for it again.

What is your favorite food?

Everything Italian, pasta for life.

What is the last thing you bought?

A green sheepskin fur coat from Mango (London is really getting cold).

What is your favorite book of all time?

The Magus by John Fowles ( Blew my mind! ).

Favorite color? 


Do you have any pets?

We did have some mouse problems in the flat (welcome to London!) so we decided to name him Jerry (as in Tom and Jerry). Well I'm not sure you can really call it a pet though...

Favorite Perfume?

Dolce and Gabbana/ The One, Margiela/ Beach Walk and Clean/ Warm Cotton.


Favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS!! ( Can it be December soon?)

Are you married?

No, but I have a lovely boyfriend since 4 years.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so, how many times?

Well considering the fact I grew up partly in various countries in Africa due to my fathers work and have a mother who is a real globetrotter I have to say yes. I traveled since I was a kid hard to count how many times...

Do you speak any other language?

Yes, Swedish, English and French. And I understand Norwegian and Danish.

How many siblings do you have?

One, my older sister Evelina, she is the best!

What is your favorite shop?

Can not chose, to hard..but Noordinarysuit, Acne Studios and Liberty is where I shop the most.

Favorite Restaurant?

It obviously change according to country, I had a few in Paris but if I have to say in London I would recommend two local ones just next to our place The Havelock Tavern and The Bird In Hand ( Love British pub names).

When was the last time you cried?

Oh I'm a real cry baby, probably wasn't too long time ago...

Favorite Blog?

Ilovejeans, tessmontegomery, fashionmenow, Manrepeller, Envelope, aportablepackage to name a few ( I can honestly go on forever, I'm a real blog junkie)

Favorite Movie?

I actually don't know, I have obviously seen many good movies trough out the years but I really can't think of any movie good enough to be written down here. I did really love the movie Into the Wild..

Favorite TV show?

I have to say Sex and the City because I used to be obsessed with that show, nowadays House of Cards, first season of True Detective and Stranger Things of course.

PC or Mac?

Mac! Never going back to Pc.

What phone do you have?

Iphone 6s (?)

How tall are you?

Not very tall...1, 60 m I think, kind of stop measuring myself when I realized I stopped growing.

Can you cook?

I can, but I don't love it, to be honest. I don't hate it either but I'm definitely not a passionate chef. I kind of do it because I have to eat..if it makes sense.

That's all from me, Over and out!



holiday coma


New angles of the pool


Beach essentials


From where I stand (lying) on the beach


Green, sun and shadows makes a original pattern

I have literally entered a holiday coma, where life is about family, eat, sea, sun and taking photos. This time I point my camera lens away from me (Yes I admit, I still take a few selfies here and there. You obviously don't loose yourself completely.) and focus more of nature and other details all shot from different angles. Here is a few I snapped recently.




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the world and fashion

wallflowerWhen starting this blog my idea was to purely write about fashion and not get to personal about my life, but there comes a time when you can't  help yourself from expressing your inner feelings. This is not in anyway a political message or statement it's just me sharing my thoughts.

The last couple of years has indeed been good years, but it has also left a wound in my heart. I have lived in a country, France, that have suffered so much the last few years and is now in grief again. It breaks my heart and it sure puts things in perspective. Also one of the nearest person in my life is facing the fact this his country's future is unsure and sadly the innocent people have to pay the price. How much can the world handle?

In times like this it may sound shallow to talk about the new trendy color in this year autumn/winter collections, what to match a high wasted denim with, what the latest shoe trend are or where you can find the perfect white shirt. I get it, but remember fashion is art and for me fashion is an escape from reality where I can loose myself and it sure saves me from going insane. Now more than ever I believe that it's so important to hold on to art and culture because if we don't and let it get to us, we have lost. It is all about the balance to take in the real world and to stay in your own world!

I will continue delivering my thoughts on fashion.



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