holiday coma

New angles of the pool Beach essentials From where I stand (lying) on the beach Green, sun and shadows makes a original pattern I have literally entered a holiday coma, where life is about family, eat, sea, sun and taking photos. This time I point my camera lens away from me (Yes I admit, I […]

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the world and fashion

When starting this blog my idea was to purely write about fashion and not get to personal about my life, but there comes a time when you can’t  help yourself from expressing your inner feelings. This is not in anyway a political message or statement it’s just me sharing my thoughts. The last couple of […]

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pink wall, green plant

What is it that look so appealing both color wise and design wise with a green plant against a pink wall? Someone who has the same obsession is the owner of the Instagram account PlantsOnPink who has an entire account based on photos with that theme. Check it out HERE, and get inspired. Above you […]

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