A few days ago my mailbox was spammed with Black Friday promotions and the city advertised it everywhere. I think it's human nature to see a reduction and go for it, just because it's so cheap, trust me I have been down that road before. But the honest truth is that it doesn't matter if it cost you 1 pound or 100 if you don't love it ( and I mean really love it) you are not gonna get a good CPW (cost per wear) out of it. We need to re-think how we consume, big time, gone are the days when we can buy something cheap wear it once and throw away. We need to treat clothes like the older generation did, repair, learn how to take care and buy something you will love 10 years down the line ( and if not, buy something worth re-selling). My dad would polish and take care of his boots, repair his socks and use his old t-shirt as cleaning cloth, maybe not so fashionable but eco-friendly and economical indeed.

I'm not against black Friday or any kind of promotion, as long as you buy something you really love and not get blinded by the orange signs or what the price was before. Shop, but don't lose your mind!

On the picture above you find one of my best bargains ever, a pair of Manolo Blahnik mules, for the price point of a pair of "normal shoes", and I know I will wear and keep them forever and ever.