I have been glancing over those Celine earrings that Sofi Fahrman is wearing this post, for quite a while now. But sometimes the designer prices is just to high to even motivate a buy. That’s when I turn to my friend Ebay. I found this pairs the other day for the reasonable  price of 6 pound! As you can understand they are not Celine but some english high street brand that I haven’t heard of before, well well I am a happy camper anyway!



Hej! Jättefina örhängen, får man fråga vad det var för säljare på e-bay du köpte av? Tack på förhand!


Hej Helene,
Tack, tyvärr var det en säljare på ebay som sålde second hand, så inte ett örhänge han hade fler av! sorry!
Gabriella x

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