This is exactly how I would want to look like on New Years Eve, dressed up but in a casual way. Thank’s for the inspo And Other Stories! I have been a fan of them ever since they opened their first store in Paris and they still manage to create good quality pieces with reasonable price points, considering what you get.

Today is my last day in Sweden, so now I’m heading home to London where three days of work is waiting followed by three days out in the Brittish countryside where we will celebrate New Years with friends. And no, I don’t know yet what I will wear. I think I will pop by Stories to have a look a the pieces above because the good thing is that you can wear all the pieces above separately and not just on a festive occasion. A very good CPW (cost per wear).

See ya in London!


Earrings (KLICK)

Sweater (KLICK)

Trousers (KLICK)

Handcream (KLICK)

Shoes (KLICK)



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