apcbagOne of my best sales bargain is this saddle bag from A.P.C called Soho, at first I was a bit unsure If I should get it since it has the color navy and I'm more of a black bag kind of girl. But I must say navy bag is the thing, since I dress a lot in black suddenly my bag sticks out without being in a crazy color. It also kind of reminds me of the Celine bag (HERE) that I like very much.

I feel like I have this new kind of love for A.P.C,  when I lived in Paris I used to work next to them so I checked their collection all the time but I never really liked the brand. I always thought they were a bit plain to be honest, nothing groundbreaking or exiting. I now feel that they have more of a luxury feeling to their pieces, good classics in good quality, but without beeing boring this time. Is it me who changed or the brand, hands up everybody who likes A.P.C?


Get it HERE in beige