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fashion January 22, 2018

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We all know how much I praise the importance of having a good staple wardrobe here on the blog, but I went to the Next press day for the launching of their new lingerie collection I was blown away. They really took this staple thing it to the next level when talking about what bra staples every woman should own. I never even thought about the importance of having a staple lingerie wardrobe, but when I think about it totally makes sense!

I think I learned from my years in Paris how important lingerie actually is it’s true what they say that even if only you can see them, you feel good wearing something beautiful and comfortable underneath. The Parisians really know this, and it’s about time that more woman we invest in their lingerie closet.


So this is five bra’s that we all need in our bra wardrobe, little luxurious, t-shirt bra ( good when you don’t want the bra to show), multiway bra (where you can remove and move the straps if you wearing something where you need to hide the straps), a non-wired bra (for ultimate comfort) and sports bra. Read more why you need them all HERE

Do you have them all? I definitely need to do some bra shopping. Check out all the new amazing lingerie at



The fast fashion effect – Interview

fashion, life January 8, 2018


Curious to know why I prefer natural fibers in my clothes, why I’m against this new way of consuming fashion and why I admire my dad and his sustainable think?  If yes, head over to Anaria who interviewed me about this issue and wrote an amazing article on the subject.

Thank you for having me, and let’s really hope things will change soon!

Read the full article HERE



House of Hennie – meet me, the founder

jewelry, life January 4, 2018

New pieces are up on the shop and we are celebrating it with a little video where I talk about my brand, so excited! I would be more then happy if you leave a comment below with any possible feedback, what you like, don’t like, wish to see etc, any feedback is gold to me.

Hope you  like it and all the pieces on the video are available in the shop HERE.

Lots of love,



Old stuff that last and sparks joy!

Deco, life December 30, 2017


I’m not gonna lie, it feels very bittersweet to be back home in London. Bitter because I already miss my family in Sweden and loved just hanging out with my mum, dad, my sister, brother in law and my two nieces. Home feels really empty especially when the boyfriend is away too. Sweet because it’s soon new year and I have a feeling that 2018 is gonna be a very exciting year.

From one thing to another. I have thought a lot about consumerism lately and how we overconsume (yes me too, I’m guilty, but I’m trying to get better). I realized that the pieces I love the most in my home are actually the pieces that give me a certain feeling, say for example this leather pouf. I bought second hand for 20 pounds when I was a poor student and lived in my apartment in Gothenburg, I wanted one for years and was so happy when I found this in such good condition and for a pretty good price. I sometimes wonder who has owned it before and where he or she got it, and I love that this pouf has traveled and have had many homes. It has a history so to say, like in the old days when things were rarely bought new and instead inherited until it broke.

What I want to say with this is that my leather pouf really sparks joy as organizing guru Marie Condo would say! My aim is definitely to have fewer things and only keep the pieces I truly love. Quality not quantity. Goals for 2018.

Now last day of work for 2017! Until then Happy New Years!