Get the look- Kate Bosworth


I always had this thing for Kate Bosworth, her natural look and effortless style and the way she mixes high-street with luxury. A true fashion inspiration!

I love this look above, it’s clean and casual and you can easily combine it with pieces from your wardrobe by just maybe adding one or two things. This look is a proof of the importance to have those basic pieces hanging around in your wardrobe.


Coat/ COS, Knit/ And Other Stories, Jeans/ Topshop, Shoes/ Office

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Pink trousers and a new camera

pinktrouserspinktrousers2pinktrousers_pinktrousers4pinktrousers5I’m so exited for new times on the blog all due to my new friend Olympus Pen, Yes I am with new camera. But wait it doesn’t finish here, I also have a photographer who will help me with my outfit post every now and then who also took the photos above (She is a true artist!).

So lets talk about the outfit above, what can I say? I just love mixing casual and smart. The trousers goes very well with heels, but lets face it the look absolutely awesome with sneakers!

Photographer: Maryam Samar <3

Rollneck and trousers/Acne Studios, Sneakers/ Adidas Stan Smith

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Off-shoulder knit


offsholderThe other day I was discussing with some friends at work about shoulders, a very odd conversation one might think, but the reason was because I was wearing the off-shoulder knit seen on the picture above. Anyway we discussed how nice it is to show your shoulders due to the fact that you show some skin without showing to much, perfect if you ask me!

This one is from Acne sStudios (surprise!) and it comes in many other color but I chose the dusty pink one (surprise 2!).


Complete look from Acne Studios, get the knit HERE

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deco desires

decodesiresWhen the season is getting darker and winter is getting closer (Yes we can not deny it any longer) I always have the urge to decorate/re-decorate at home. I guess it has to do with the fact that we tend to spend more time at home during the winter-season?

Scandinavian as I am, I’m a sucker for interior deco, an interest I share with my sister that we can discuss for hours. As much as I love the minmal style, I don’t want my home to look to stiff, my wish is that when people enter they see the person who lives there through the deco. The most boring type of deco according to me is when a home feels like a museum with no soul. Then on the other hand, I can not stand a home filled with clutter, it’s a fine line I guess.

I love the combo of, white/beige, green plants, brown lether and kilim fabrics as seen on the picture above. I get the minimal feeling with a bohemin touch, just my taste!

Wouldn’t mind the pieces above to get a feeling of a fresh new home.

1.Rug/ John Lewis, 2. Leather Pouf/ Not on the highstreet, 3. Pillow case/ Hennisdotter 

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Vlog: Last week’s fashion moments

So I’m starting this week with yet another Vlog, this time it’s a mix from different fashion moments last week.

Showing you my new pair of gorgeous shoes from Next (Thanks Next!!), Elizabeth Ilsley’s must-have leatherjacket, street-art quotes from London, RayBan forever (I’m a total RayBan addict), mannequins with flowers in the pocket (it is Liberty after all) and finally Bliss and Mischief’s super cool tee (I think I need it).

Enjoy your Monday!


Music: Timo Räisänen – Outcast

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It’s all about the contrasts

contrastsI always loved dressing in contrast to balance up a look. If I wear a romantic skirt I would pair it with a masculine top, or a boot anything really just to not look to much of something.

Yesterday I wore this very ballerina shaped skirt (check out another outfit with the skirt HERE) and styled it with a oversized sweatshirt (tucked-in in the front), just to even things out. We all know to much of something is never good!

Sweatshirt and skirt/ Acne Studios, Boots/ Ash

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sunday funday


When your line of work requires you to always be dressed up (which I Iove don’t get me wrong) it is quite nice to on a Sunday dress down. So last Sunday that is  exactly what I did, no heels to spice up the outfit, no makeup to hide behind, just back to basic. What a relief sometimes! This is how I looked for a dinner out followed by the pub with some friends.

Denim/ Acne Studios style Patti, Sweater/ Etre Cecile, Sunnies/ Ray Ban, Sneakers/ Converse


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Vlog: South of France

Sometimes I press play rather then just snapping a photo and I end up having a lot of videos that simply stay on my phone. But not this time as I’m sharing them here! I made this video from when I was in South of France last week (I know I will have to stop teasing you with holiday pictures for a while) It basically sums up my week there quite good: sea, sun and sandals. So here you go my first Vlog, hope you like it!


Music: Bloke and Bird/ Bon Voyage

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lipstick girl

lipstickI never used to be a lipstick girl until I moved to Paris, (I’m still not a true lipstick girl because there are some serious lipstick business going on out there where I’m not even close to becoming a lipstick girl) there I discovered how a lipstick can make you look like you made an effort. It transforms you to a person from being not ready, to ready. Here in London I have experimented a bit more with colors and brands, because as I said; a good lipstick comes in handy when you need that exra push and boost on your look.

I tend to go more for the orange-red ones as it looks better with my blonde hair and light skin, like this one on the picture my new found from Mac. Gorgeous, no?


Lipstick/MAC Saigon Summer, Sweater/ Acne Studios

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