Best of Sale

I always try to really think through my sales purchases as it often can go out of hand when you focus more on the price rather than the product. Here are my favorite picks at the moment, pieces that I would wear next season too without any doubt. Dress TOTEME here / Shirt ARKET here […]

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A denim kinda girl

I really am a denim kinda girl, my favorites at the moment are these ACNE STUDIOS ones seen on the picture above. The model is called Melk and I love the shape that is high waisted, tapered and cropped. 

There is more like that on the market…

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Some kind of New Years resolution

I love writing and always loved to express my self in words, but somehow I lost it and overthought about everything I was writing here and in the end, it just wasn’t my voice anymore. I think it’s easy to try to make things so perfect that instead, they lose all their sense or realness in a way. […]

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Vestiaire Collective

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_single_image unique=”1546021441612″ col=”12″][ux_cb_text unique=”1546021284286″ col=”12″] So if you read my previous post I’m now determined to clean out and live with fewer clothes among other things. I recently really started to think about who I am and really what my style is? I started to notice what items I constantly go back to and why some […]

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New me – A beauty routine

It’s not New Years yet, but I already started my new challenge or let’s call it; promise to myself. Lately, I fell in love with beauty again. For the last week, I listen to at least one episode per day of The Beuty Routine podcast with Emma Unckel and Frida Fahrman ( in Swedish though so sorry to all non-Swedish speaking readers) and […]

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