So I have been really busy lately with work and stuff, but hopefully, soon I can return back to normal here! Over two years ago I moved to London after living in Paris, I must admit sometimes I miss things with Paris. I miss being able to walk a lot. Nothing is really far away in … Continue Reading

My favorite drink is water (ok coffee too) and I drink a lot of it. Because of my consumption of water I also tend to buy quite a lot of plastic water bottles when I’m on the go in the city, it does make me feel bad in many ways. First of all, we have perfectly good tap water in this country so … Continue Reading

So Fashion week came to London. I worked throughout the week but managed to get to go to the Mary  Katrantzou show on Sunday morning at nine (!) with my dear friend Laura. Since it was early I thought why not go full pyjama look, makes sense no? And so I did. I’m in love with … Continue Reading

Two things, I love right now. The new store Arket where I got my silk camisole from (HERE) and second, my local market found, the straw bag I got in South of France. The two pieces together are a match made in heaven. Since summer is officially over I will wear the straw bag with my … Continue Reading